Reducing time-to-knowledge.


Threadeo Inc. provides software, services, and support. Our Threadeo platform has a clean, simple user interface that enables users to create virtual clips out of existing online videos. Users can share these clips and engage in private conversations around them with coworkers and friends.


This is superior to the conventional, time-intensive process of using cumbersome video editing software to download, edit, and re-upload a video to create a short digestible clips to share. On Threadeo, users can determine the exact start and stop times of virtual clips, and invite colleagues to collaborate.  All comments associated with clips are searchable, which builds institutional knowledge.


We integrate with dozens of industry platforms and tools. By helping companies integrate video into workflows, we help teams improve the speed and quality of complex decision making. We’re currently hard at work building out use cases that will give businesses the greatest ROI on their video investments.

Threadeo Inc.

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