Frequently asked questions.

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What is Threadeo?


Threadeo is an AI-enabled video curation platform that enables learners, influencers, and teams to:
1. Add context, perspective, and relevance to videos (with or without AI)
2. Get insights from curated videos (with or without AI)

Why should I care about Threadeo?


Video curators use Threadeo to provide videos with the context, perspective, and relevance that helps meet their audience’s needs.
With Threadeo, you and/or our AI engine can create multiple bookmarks of the same online video — each with their own start and stop times, and with commentary attached — and share them with different audiences. No other platform does this.

Who’s the “audience” for curated videos?


Your audience can be any of the following:
1. Prospects, customers, or vendors
2. Coworkers, consultants, or business associates
3. Classmates, friends, and family
4. Students and interns
5. Yourself

Who’s a “video curator”?


Anyone with a Threadeo account who wants to share a video bookmark with their audience. Signing up to Threadeo is free — just click here.

What do you mean by “video curation”?


Video curation in Threadeo means doing the following:
1. Adding a video from YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia to your Threadeo account.
2. Creating a bookmark within that video by selecting a start and stop time.
3. Adding your own commentary to accompany that bookmark.

But I still want to use YouTube/ Vimeo/ Wistia!


And you should! YouTube, Vimeo, and Wistia are excellent online video platforms. Threadeo complements those platforms — it’s not a substitute for them.
Just upload the video to your favorite platform, then add it into Threadeo to provide context, perspective, and relevance tailored to your audience.

Are you a video editing tool like iMovie, Final Cut Pro, or Adobe Premiere Pro?


No, we’re not.
– You’ll still create videos the way you normally do — in one of those tools.
– You’ll still upload them to your favorite online platform (YouTube, Vimeo, or Wistia).
–  You use Threadeo to create, share, and discuss bookmarks from videos you’ve already uploaded to these tools.

Do I need an account to use Threadeo?


Great question. The answer is always “yes” if you want to add a video clip, and sometimes “yes”/sometimes “no” if you only want to view a clip.
– Adding/uploading videos, creating your own clips, or using our AI engine to create your clips, all require you to be signed in to your account (as well it should!)
– Viewing videos in Threadeo: It depends. Threadeo has both public channels and private accounts. Links posted to private accounts (always shown as “”) require an account and an invitation to that link. Links posted to public channels (shown as, e.g., “” — replace “name” with the actual name in the link) are accessible without requiring an account.

My followers can’t see my content. What’s going on? [Pro users only]


No worries! This can be fixed with a quick settings change. Either of two things has happened:
(i) Your videos/clips may be located inside your private Threadeo account instead of in your public channel. Public content has to be in your public channel, or it will not be visible to the public, on social media, etc. You can tell if it’s in your private account if the link starts with “”.
– If this is the case, on your home page, hover over the video, click on the gear icon, then click “Clone”.
– In the dropdown that follows, select the name of your public channel, e.g. “” or “Name”. Keep the options for “With Labels” and “With Bookmarks” checked.
– Click “Clone”. A message pops up at the top of the screen saying “Cloned! Click here to view”. Click on the “Click here to view” link.
– You’re now in your public channel, but the video is still private for security reasons. To make it public, click on “Settings”, then under “Visible To”, choose “Everyone”.
(ii) Your content may be located on your public channel, but the video is still private for security reasons. To make it public, click on “Settings”, then under “Visible To”, choose “Everyone”.


Watch the short video below to see how this will look: