More ideas. Less busywork.


You have a lot to share with the world. And people want to see your videos. But only you know how much work it is to get your thoughts out there. And you just know there has to be a better way to manage and distribute video content.

Imagine your own customizable video knowledge dashboard, filled with custom length video bookmarks you can share via social or email. Imagine creating playlists of video bookmarks on specific topics. All without the hassle of downloading, trimming, reuploading, and queueing. So you can focus on what you do best: coming up with great ideas.

Take your video portfolio to the next level with Threadeo Pro.


$ 5

  • Discover curated videos
  • Video bookmark creator
  • Add notes to bookmarks
  • Private sharing
  • Unlimited invites
  • YouTube speed control (desktop)
  • Public sharing
  • Social media-friendly shortlinks
  • 1 custom subdomain
  • 2 business day support
  • Custom logo (+$1/mo)
  • Domain integration (+$3/mo)

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