Collaborate better. Share easier.


Your team needs to discuss specific aspects of a video after it’s been recorded. It may be a webinar, an all-hands meeting, or a panel discussion. And doing so today is clunky: you’re constantly re-establishing context, aligning different conversation threads, and generally just trying to keep up. That ends now.

With threaded conversations around video moments, cloning, and dedicated URLs for each moment, each team member can discuss what they want with whom they want.

This is your post-video life, re-imagined.


$ 3

team member / month
    • Video bookmark creator
    • Add notes to bookmarks
    • Private sharing
    • Unlimited invites
    • YouTube speed control (desktop)
    • Public sharing
    • Social media-friendly shortlinks
    • 2 custom subdomains
    • 1 business day support
    • Custom logo, included
    • Domain integration, included
    • Team discount, applied
    • Organization domain validation, included
    • *5 seats, billed annually
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