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10x better, 10x faster synchronization of video with certified transcripts.

We help legal professionals sync transcripts 10x better and 10x faster, saving you enormous amounts of time, helping you control costs, and keeping your clients happier.
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Threadeo enables us to process a week's worth of sync jobs in half a day. It's unbelievably good.

Owner, Court Reporting Firm

Streamlined operations, happier clients.

Law Firms: Order rush syncs any time. Easily highlight text to create clips. Combine clips to create playlists. Export playlists for trial presentation.

Court Reporting Firms: Sync transcripts quickly and accurately. Deliver load files to your clients as before. Enable faster turnaround times and drive higher client satisfaction.

Law Firms: Get rush syncs now & drive better trial preparation

Problem: Law firms often need transcripts synced quickly due to sudden trial date assignments and updates. And they need to be able to quickly create clips and export them in preparation, and for presentation, at trial.

Solution: Rush sync using Threadeo’s UltraSync full-service platform enables law firms to receive most synced deposition videos with transcripts within 4-6 hours, even on evenings and weekends. This is Threadeo’s top-tier offering with white-glove client support and priority access to future high-value functionality.

Court Reporting Firms: Get 10x better & 10x faster sync, drive higher client satisfaction and better cost control

Problem: Court reporting firms have to deal with antiquated technology that gets in the way of business. Team members spend inordinate amounts of time compensating for the poor accuracy of existing sync platforms, which affects client satisfaction, turnaround times, and employee morale.

Solution: Threadeo’s CloudSync self-service platform enables court reporting firms to synchronize deposition videos with certified transcripts and link exhibits 10x better and 10x faster. This enables a tremendous reduction in overall sync time and associated costs. It also enables faster turnaround times, enabling additional revenue opportunities for court reporting firms and driving higher client satisfaction through fewer sync-related service requests.

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Are you a court reporting firm ready for 10x better and 10x faster sync?

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