Rush sync jobs delivered in 4-6 hours*. Evenings, weekends, no problem.

UltraSync delivered. It was late on a Friday and we had a deposition sync job our law firm client needed by Saturday morning. They saved my evening and weekend. Incredible!

Production Leader, Court Reporting Firm

Threadeo UltraSync provides full-service rush synchronization of deposition videos with certified transcripts and linked exhibits with typical turnaround times of 4-6 hours, even on evenings & weekends.*

*Some restrictions apply.

How it works

  1. Fill out this form.
  2. We’ll email you a link to upload your video, transcript, and exhibit files.
  3. Once uploads are complete, we’ll process the video, sync the transcript, link exhibits, and send you the completed load files via a download link.

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Who is this for?

Threadeo’s UltraSync service is for court reporting firms needing extremely fast, high-quality sync of deposition videos with certified transcripts. We typically deliver output load files via a download link within 4-6 hours* of submission, even on evenings & weekends.

*Some restrictions apply, including time cutoffs and job size limits.


Full Service

UltraSync is true full service. Upload video & transcript files and get highly accurate load files within 4-6 hours*, even on evenings & weekends.

*Some restrictions apply.

Best sync on the market

UltraSync syncs for you with best-in-class accuracy (typically 99%+). Interpreter job? No problem at all. UltraSync uses Threadeo’s proprietary class-leading sync technology to provide you unparalleled service.

Secure, fast delivery

UltraSync delivers load files via a private download link to your email. No mess, no fuss.

Load files for case management and trial presentation software

We provide the load files needed to support the leading trial prep software such as TrialDirector, OnCue, CaseNotebook, LexisNexis TextMap, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation, Timaro, TrialPro, and more.* We also provide the DVT and make it easy to move load files to USB and CD.

*All software names are the copyrights of their respective owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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