The fastest, most accurate same-day and full-service sync on the market.*

UltraSync delivered. They returned the files we desperately needed for a trial, and literally reduced my stress levels. What an amazing service!

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Threadeo UltraSync provides same-day and full-service synchronization of deposition videos with certified transcripts and linked exhibits, with load files directly delivered into your Dropbox or Box account.

How it works

  1. Add job content (videos, certified transcript, exhibits) to a cloud storage folder such as Dropbox or Box and submit your order.
  2. UltraSync processes the video, syncs the transcript, links exhibits, and delivers the completed load files into the same Dropbox or Box folder that you shared with us.
  3. UltraSync also instantly delivers the job into your CloudReview law firm account where you can create clips and page:lines for deposition review & trial preparation purposes.
  4. With UltraSync, you can do all of the above for multiple jobs — in far less than the time that it would take to do just one job with existing solutions.

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Who is this for?

Threadeo’s UltraSync service is for law firms and court reporters needing high-quality same-day* sync of deposition videos with certified transcripts with load files directly delivered to a Dropbox or Box account.

*Restrictions apply, including time cutoffs and job size limits.


Full Service

UltraSync is true full service. Submit your files via our order form, and get load files same-day*.

Best sync on the market

UltraSync syncs for you with best-in-class accuracy (typically 99%+). Interpreter job? No problem at all. UltraSync uses Threadeo’s proprietary class-leading sync technology to provide you unparalleled service.

Secure, fast delivery

UltraSync delivers load files into the same Dropbox or Box folder that you previously shared with your input files, and simultaneously delivers the job with synced transcript and linked exhibits into your Threadeo CloudReview account. Load files allow you to keep your existing workflow, while CloudReview provides incredible capabilities that drive productivity. Either way, you win.

Load files for case management and trial presentation software

We provide the load files needed to support the leading trial prep software such as TrialDirector, OnCue, CaseNotebook, LexisNexis TextMap, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation, Timaro, TrialPro, and more.* We also provide the DVT and make it easy to move load files to USB and CD.

*All software names are the copyrights of their respective owners.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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