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10x better, 10x faster sync. Save time, control costs, increase client satisfaction.

With Threadeo CloudSync, we now spend 5 min across multiple jobs, when previously it could take 2 hours for a single job -- it's magical!

Production Manager, Court Reporting Firm

Threadeo CloudSync enables court reporting firms to synchronize deposition videos with certified transcripts and link exhibits at scale, at an unprecedented level of speed and accuracy. Magical, indeed.

How it works

  1. Upload job content (videos, certified transcript, exhibits) to Threadeo CloudSync.
  2. CloudSync automatically syncs the video with the transcript and links the exhibits, at very high speed & accuracy.
  3. Review the job in your own CloudSync account and request load files.
  4. Deliver the load files to your clients exactly as you do today.
  5. CloudSync does all of the above for multiple jobs — in far less than the time that it would take to do just one job with existing solutions.

Contact us to get started. If you already have an account with us, contact us and we will send you custom instructions for setup (if we haven’t sent them to you already).

Who is this for?

Threadeo CloudSync is the 10x better, 10x faster sync, exhibit linking & delivery platform designed for court reporting firms, court reporters, and videographers needing fast, accurate sync of deposition videos with certified transcripts. Without any of the frustrations of time-consuming QC, being chained to a desktop, and all sorts of problems that arise from outdated software.


Best sync on the market

CloudSync syncs for you with best-in-class accuracy (typically 99%+). Interpreter job? No problem at all. 10x better than the incumbents in terms of accuracy (number of QC points per job). All you need to do is review and deliver.

No encoding

Don’t waste time on needless encoding. Just add your videos to cloud storage and we’ll take it from there. The platform adapts to you — not the other way around.

Secure, fast delivery

CloudSync delivers the job with synced transcript and linked exhibits into your account. All you have to do is review and request load files if needed. You can then deliver the load files to law firms as you normally do today, or deliver instantly with our cloud-based platform that law firms love.

Works great with remote & distributed teams

Unshackle yourself from aging computers with desktop licenses that someone has to physically work on. Instead, work from anywhere via our secure browser-based platform, and easily onboard new team members.

Load files for case management and trial presentation software

We provide the load files needed to support the leading trial prep software such as TrialDirector, OnCue, CaseNotebook, LexisNexis TextMap, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation, Timaro, TrialPro, and more.* We also provide the DVT and make it easy to move load files to USB and CD.

*All software names are the copyrights of their respective owners.

Cloud-based player

Court reporting firms can securely log-in and use our cloud-based application to review the video with the synchronized transcript and exhibits. Request load files for delivery to clients as you normally do, or deliver a cutting-edge experience to your clients for even more value — at no extra charge.

Video stitching & encoding as a service through Threadeo Concierge Video

Your videographer gave you multiple files but your client wants one file; no problem. Threadeo Concierge Video, our video management service, will stitch your videos together and encode them directly through your CloudSync account. Simply upload your video to the Dropbox or Box account shared with CloudSync, and Concierge Video will return them ready to go. Save hours every day.

Impress law clients by making their lives easier

For court reporting firms ready to provide their clients with truly differentiated value, they can share this cloud-based experience by simply entering their client’s email address. With just one click, you’re providing your law firm clients with proven capabilities that make their workflows less cumbersome and more valuable.

Don’t Do. Review.

CloudSync does all the heavy lifting of taking your videos, syncing your transcript, and linking exhibits. All you have to do is quickly review everything to make sure it looks good, then request load files or deliver a cloud-based experience to your clients. It’s syncing like you’ve never experienced before.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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