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Streamline deposition workflows. Impress your clients.

We make it easy for court reporting firms to synchronize deposition videos & transcripts, and deliver them to law clients quickly and securely. Impress your clients with functionality that makes their lives easier.


Really great sync

Synchronize most certified transcripts with their deposition videos in less than a minute, with 98%+ accuracy. Even interpreter jobs!

No encoding

Directly upload your videos without wasting time on needless encoding. The platform adapts to you — not the other way around.

Secure, fast delivery

Deliver deposition content to your client in just a few clicks. No CDs, USBs, insecure links, or other hassles related to delivery.

Load files for case management and trial presentation software

Threadeo provides synchronized load files supporting the following tools*:

  • Trial Director: cms, xml
  • OnCue: mdb
  • CaseNotebook: ptf,vid
  • LexisNexis Text Map: xmef
  • LiveNote: ptf, vid
  • Sanction: mdb
  • Summation: sbf
  • Timaro: pts
  • TrialPro: pts
  • and more…

*All tool names are the copyrights of their respective owners and are provided for illustrative purposes only, without any express or implied endorsement.

Impress law clients by making their lives easier

With Threadeo, you’re providing your law firm clients with proven capabilities that make their workflows less cumbersome and more valuable.

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