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What is Digital Asset Lifecycle Management?

Digital Asset Lifecycle Management (DLM) streamlines workflows for digital content within and between companies in a B2B ecosystem, and thereby transform digital content into a digital asset.

DLM automates and streamlines processes during key stages. These stages include: capture and digital signatures, collaboration, approval, secure asset transfer via smart legal contracts, ongoing management, and compliance (within the repository). It blends the UI/UX and performance of modern SaaS software with the benefits of smart legal contracts for payments using blockchain technology and elements of Web3.

By creating a common language, unified processes, and consistent conditions, firms working with digital assets can save time and reduce errors. Most companies are familiar with contract lifecycle management software designed to provide greater visibility into corporate spend, lower administrative costs, and create greater efficiencies in the contract process. DLM is similar but focused on the lifecycle of digital assets such as video, audio, images, and documents.

DLM accomplishes this by:

  • Managing the capture of digital content with associated agreements and signatures
  • Automating workflows from one company to another on a unified platform
  • Standardizing digital content delivery protocols and formats
  • Strengthening security compliance via SOC 2 and HIPAA
  • Creating digital asset-related contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates and legal clauses

Threadeo DLM enables you to:

Create and refine digital content.

Upload digital content in common formats: text, images, audio, video. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to discuss & refine. Prepare for delivery to customers.

Deliver digital content to customers.

Deliver digital content instantly, securely, and with the desired set of permissions. Fewer clicks, less time, more peace of mind.

Pay creators & vendors for digital content.

On-platform payments with detailed billing & usage records. Translation: less hassle for accounts payable teams and greater efficiencies across the board.


Automate cumbersome workflows

Accelerate digital signature processes

Deliver digital content in minutes or seconds with minimal clicks

Offer customers high-value, differentiated services (e.g., AI search & annotation)

Gain better visibility and improved control via detailed usage & billing dashboards

Strengthen compliance via SOC2-compliant workflows and full audit trail

Process large volumes via API

Manage costs with transparent, easy to understand, pay-as-you-go pricing

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