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Synchronize video with transcripts, with unparalleled speed & accuracy.

We help legal professionals sync transcripts quickly and accurately, using the power of AI and unbeatable customer service.
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Threadeo's amazing sync capabilities enable us to reduce time spent on this task by 80%, freeing up resources for other aspects of trial preparation.

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Sync, create clips, and export.

Sync transcripts quickly. Easily highlight text to create clips. Combine clips to create playlists. Export playlists for trial presentation.

Sync Deposition Videos with Transcripts

Problem 1: Law firms often need transcripts synced quickly due to sudden trial date assignments and updates.

Problem 2: Court reporting firms struggle with the inefficient software and processes to sync deposition videos at scale.

Solution 1: Rush sync using Threadeo’s UltraSync full-service platform enables law firms to receive most synced deposition videos with transcripts within 4-6 hours, even on evenings and weekends. This is Threadeo’s top-tier offering with white-glove client support and priority access to future high-value functionality.

Solution 2: Threadeo CloudSync self-service platform enables court reporting firms to synchronize deposition videos with certified transcripts and link exhibits at unprecedented scale. The inherent speed and accuracy of the platform greatly reduces overall sync costs and turnaround times, enabling court reporting firms to provide better service to their clients.

Law Firms: Review & Annotate Deposition Videos

Problem: Law firms struggle with the inefficient software when trying to review depositions for a case. Most of the software they use is based on outdated desktop or tablet technology. They struggle with cumbersome load files sent from vendors also using decades-old technology. The rapid growth of video, documents, and images that must be reviewed in a case is growing exponentially. New technologies and processes are needed.

Solution: Threadeo CloudReview for Law helps law firms build better cases and tell better evidence-based stories. Attorneys and paralegals can securely review deposition transcripts — including those synced with videos using CloudSync — and create objections & issue codes, each with a unique link. They can create a list of such annotations spanning depositions, witnesses, and content types to tell their client’s story in a compelling manner — in days instead of weeks.

Sync faster and prep better with us.

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