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Threadeo's automation led us to an 80% time savings on manual processes, allowing our team to focus on more valuable tasks.

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Unleash valuable information from your videos.

Threadeo builds processing and review platforms that enable information within videos to be used in business-critical workflows. Transform video into useful assets with game-changing productivity.

Court Reporting Firms: Sync Deposition Videos with Transcripts

Problem: Court reporting firms struggle with the inefficient software and processes when synchronizing deposition video with transcripts for law firms. In some cases this process can take hours from start to finish.

Solution: Threadeo CloudSync enables court reporting firms to synchronize deposition videos with certified transcripts and link exhibits at unprecedented scale, speed, and accuracy, reducing an hours-long process to just minutes — with secure, instant delivery to law firm clients using CloudReview for Law.

Law Firms: Review & Annotate Deposition Videos

Problem: Law firms struggle with the inefficient software when trying to review depositions for a case. Most of the software they use is based on outdated desktop or tablet technology. They struggle with cumbersome load files sent from vendors also using decades-old technology. The rapid growth of video, documents, and images that must be reviewed in a case is growing exponentially. New technologies and processes are needed.

Solution: Threadeo CloudReview for Law helps law firms build better cases and tell better evidence-based stories. Attorneys and paralegals can securely review deposition transcripts — including those synced with videos using CloudSync — and create objections & issue codes, each with a unique link. They can create a list of such annotations spanning depositions, witnesses, and content types to tell their client’s story in a compelling manner — in days instead of weeks.

Sales Teams: Annotate, Share, and Thread Video Clips

Problem: Sales and marketing teams often record video of hundreds of virtual meetings and webinars with internal stakeholders and clients often using platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet, Teams, and others. These recordings contain valuable information, but few people watch the whole recording due to time constraints.

Solution: Threadeo CloudReview for Teams helps sales & marketing teams create better narratives & call out action items from videoconferences and webinars. Sales & marketing professionals can annotate the most valuable portions of video content, and share the most relevant 5 minutes of an hourlong video with stakeholders. They can even create a list of such annotations spanning videos and documents, helping to identify & share underlying themes — in days instead of weeks.

Translation & Localization Firms: Leverage Neural Voices in Multiple Languages

Problem: Translation and localization firms play a critical role helping companies with international expansion. Companies interested in global training know that localized video content is a “must-have” and depend on high-quality translation and localization firms. Their customers are global and employ their workforce from many countries. Localizing content in French for France is not enough, since team members in France may also come from Spain or Poland. Providing transcripts alone is not enough. In order to train people effectively, trainees must both read and listen to training content localized to their language. But going from an English language Zoom video recording to a localized training video in Spanish for Spain where workers can listen to audio in Spanish is challenging. The fact remains that human translators play a vital role in high-quality translations and localization despite advances in machine translation. Translation and localization firms have outstanding talent, but are in need of technology to help streamline the process of providing localized voiceovers to training video content growing exponentially.

Solution: Threadeo Voiceover Transformation helps translation & localization firms teams transform training videos recorded in English and translated into international languages, into training videos with voice audio in multiple international languages using cutting-edge neural voices. Delivery can be through Dropbox, Box, or CloudReview — the latter making it easy to highlight content and create links to clips for sharing. All in as fast as 24 hours for multiple languages instead of weeks for a single language.

Three ways to work with us:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We deliver our applications over the Internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, clients simply access it via a web browser, freeing them from complex software and hardware management. We manage access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. Our professional services often come with embedded SaaS solutions. These are generally billed on a per user, per minute, per gigabyte, or per transaction basis.

Managed Services

Whether you’re a business owner, executive, or leader of a legal department, using a managed service can make your job easier. When partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Threadeo, it’s like gaining the capability of a technology team composed of seasoned professionals on your team to deliver software solutions to your business users. A managed service model is ideal for your organization when:

  • Your team relies on software and information technology infrastructure to support daily business.
  • Your company wants to use technology such as AI, virtualization, and cloud computing as a differentiator.
  • Your team has neither the time nor the technical inclination/expertise to deal with maintenance, updates, and repairs.
  • You finance team wants greater cost predictability and prefers to pay a monthly retainer for a high level of service quality to the business.

Augmented Teams

Clients often need critical technical resources and project managers working full-time and in-house. We provide clients with accomplished technical and business professionals to augment teams. Your augmented team works as part of your team. They attend your regular meetings, reporting directly to your managers, and work full-time for you.

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