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We help clients unlock significant business value through robust cloud & AI technologies, and best-in-class service.
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Threadeo's automation led us to an 80% time savings on manual processes, allowing our team to focus on more valuable tasks.

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Your workflows. Our capabilities.

Clients engage us because they are looking to use technology as a differentiator and need a partner to provide software solutions, turnkey managed services, and expertise at the ready. We service companies such as SAP, Chevron, AT&T and SMBs in multiple industries. As a managed service provider (MSP), we are unique in how we provide professional services with embedded software solutions, all while providing class-leading maintenance and support.

Video and Audio Transcription, Language Translation, and Voice Over

We provide professional services with embedded software streamlining transcription and language translation for audio, video, and documents at scale with 99%+ accuracy. We also provide AI enabled VoiceOver services.

Legal Services and Technologies

We are what many call an “alternative legal services provider” (ALSP). If you are a court reporting firm, law firm, corporate law department, or e-discovery provider interested in using technology to streamline your legal workflows, we can help. Our software and services include: litigation support software solutions, e-discovery software services, and artificial intelligence (AI)-powered support for legal research.

Cloud, Infrastructure, and Migration Managed Services

We provide professional services to help manage and maintain cloud based solutions and storage. We have expertise with AWS, IBM Watson, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud*. We also provide expertise and training to help your organization implement tools & best practices supporting your organization’s migration to the cloud. Services include: Infrastructure monitoring and management, desktop support, network and connectivity support, and business continuity and disaster recovery. [*All trademarks are the property of their owners].

Artificial Intelligence and Humans-in-the-Loop Services

We use both artificial intelligence and human expertise to help firms and corporations produce better outcomes and automate processes. We help clients extract insights from enterprise data using advanced AI-powered solutions such as NLP, image detection, and video recognition from the leading cloud providers, managed by our highly skilled & experienced team members.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Services

We design, build, and manage software robots emulating humans actions interacting with software to improve operations and efficiency by automating high volume manual processes.

Research, Data & Analytics Services

In a data-driven world, organizations mining insights from enterprise data have the competitive advantage. We use machine-learning techniques and natural-language processing to analyze electronic documents to help make confident decisions informed by real metrics.

On-Demand Redaction Services

We offer full-service de-identification and redaction services across video, audio, images, and documents. With a team of professionals trained and experienced in handling sensitive evidence, and with the ability to integrate closely with your organization’s existing people, processes, and technology.

Workflow Automation and Application Integration

We provide professional services and software automating workflows and integrating cloud based applications. We increase worker productivity by saving time through the automation of recurring tasks and the orchestration of the flow of data between tools and online services that wouldn’t otherwise communicate with one another.

Cybersecurity Services

We provide software and services to improve cybersecurity. Services include employee training, multi-factor authentication, web filtering, intrusion prevention, and more. Our managed service provides 24/7 threat hunting to ensure quick response to security incidents. We provide easy-to-understand incident reports, monthly reports, and hands-on security training. Through our partners we provide penetration testing.

Augmented Expertise

We provide specialized skillsets and highly skilled talent on a temporary basis to augment the capacity and capability of your organization.

Three ways to work with us:

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

We deliver our applications over the Internet as a service. Instead of installing and maintaining software, clients simply access it via a web browser, freeing them from complex software and hardware management. We manage access to the application, including security, availability, and performance. Our professional services often come with embedded SaaS solutions. These are generally billed on a per user, per minute, per gigabyte, or per transaction basis.

Managed Services

Whether you’re a business owner, executive, or leader of a legal department, using a managed service can make your job easier. When partnering with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) like Threadeo, it’s like gaining the capability of a technology team composed of seasoned professionals on your team to deliver software solutions to your business users. A managed service model is ideal for your organization when:

  • Your team relies on software and information technology infrastructure to support daily business.
  • Your company wants to use technology such as AI, virtualization, and cloud computing as a differentiator.
  • Your team has neither the time nor the technical inclination/expertise to deal with maintenance, updates, and repairs.
  • You finance team wants greater cost predictability and prefers to pay a monthly retainer for a high level of service quality to the business.

Augmented Teams

Clients often need critical technical resources and project managers working full-time and in-house. We provide clients with accomplished technical and business professionals to augment teams. Your augmented team works as part of your team. They attend your regular meetings, reporting directly to your managers, and work full-time for you.

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