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Tailored to your content & workflows.

Court Reporting Deposition Workflow

  • Synchronize certified transcripts with deposition videos and exhibits in seconds
  • Secure and instant delivery to law firms
  • Video conferencing speaker-diarized rough draft transcripts ready in minutes
  • Text search and in-audio search.
  • Team collaboration
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Law Firm Deposition Workflow

  • Click on any line in the transcript and watch or listen to the synchronized audio and video
  • Add objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes to digital transcripts
  • Easily copy citations for pleadings and presentations
  • Create reports by filtering by issue codes to create reports or playlists for the court
  • Highlight text to create an exportable clip
  • Search inside videos and jump to the information you need
  • Law firms can receive content from court reporting firms — securely & instantly
  • Advanced search
  • Team collaboration
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Growing Businesses — Searchable Video/Audio

  • Transcribe a library of audio calls, video conferences or similar content at 99% accuracy
  • Receive speaker diarized transcripts; captioned, synchronized, and interactive with audio
  • Access via secure login into an intuitive interface ready for review and search 
  • Annotate, highlight, add notes, and collaborate directly on interactive transcripts with remote teams
  • Search inside audio or across an entire audio/video libraries on keyword to create clips
  • Tag individual search results, filter, and create shareable playlists
  • Integrate with Zoom, Box, Dropbox, and more
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Training & Education — Language Translation & Voiceovers

  • 99%+ accurate transcription and captioning synchronized with video
  • Translate interactive transcripts into foreign languages  (AI + Human professionals)
  • Add voiceovers in multiple languages and listen by just clicking anywhere in the transcript
  • SRT, VTT, and additional formats
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HR/People Ops — Interviews & Workplace Investigations

  • Transcribe video conference-based interviews in speaker separated transcripts, captioned, and synchronized with video
  • Annotate, highlight, add notes, and collaborate with remote HR teams
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Threadeo enables you to:

Transform content into digital assets.

Upload digital content in common formats: text, images, audio, video. Collaborate with internal stakeholders to discuss & refine. Prepare for delivery to customers.

Deliver digital assets to customers.

Deliver digital content instantly, securely, and with the desired set of permissions. Fewer clicks, less time, more peace of mind.

Bill clients easily.

Easily bill clients with access to detailed usage records. Less hassle for accounts payable teams and greater efficiencies across the board.

Access anytime, on any device.

Access using only a modern browser and good (10 Mbps) internet. 99.9%+ availability.

Store securely in the cloud.

Safeguard your organization’s digital assets with reliable cloud storage. And share those assets within and across organizations.

Scale as much as you need.

Deliver digital content instantly, securely, and with the desired set of permissions. Fewer clicks, less time, more peace of mind.


Automate cumbersome workflows

Deliver digital content in minutes or seconds with minimal clicks

Gain better visibility and improved control via detailed usage & billing dashboards

Strengthen compliance via SOC2-compliant workflows and full audit trail

Process large volumes via API

Manage costs with transparent, easy to understand, pay-as-you-go pricing

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