Enterprise NFTs.

SaaS + Web3 for B2B digital assets
published as NFTs and mediated
by smart legal contracts.
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Solve publishing, ownership, delivery, and payments using SaaS + Web3.

Threadeo’s SaaS + Web3 platform enables the publishing, delivery, and monetization of B2B digital assets via the creation of Enterprise NFTs mediated by smart legal contracts.

Using Threadeo’s SaaS components, B2B creators can upload and enhance the value of their digital assets through content stitching, synchronization, and annotation.

Using Threadeo’s Web3 components, B2B creators can mint their digital assets as enterprise NFTs, establishing rights of ownership and copyright. B2B creators, existing enterprise NFT holders, and new consumers can leverage smart legal contracts to buy, sell and trade digital assets, enabling more robust price discovery and discrete value realization.

It’s all about making workflows less tedious and content more valuable.

We take your time-consuming and tedious workflows that make employee workdays annoying and hectic, and replace them with efficient workflow-oriented applications designed with consumer-like user interfaces. Our applications are available in the cloud: anytime, anywhere.

Most knowledge workers, especially in HR, training, or legal, deal with inefficient workflows every day. Add in the difficulty of extracting, redacting, or collaborating around information buried inside video, audio, and specific document formats, and the needless complexity reaches almost absurd levels.

That’s where Threadeo comes in. We identify inefficient business workflows and make them as much as 10x faster to attain the same current end result. We do this by understanding the purpose of the workflow, deconstructing its steps, simplifying each step as needed, and applying the most advanced modern technologies to make it all work seamlessly.

The result is customer testimonials like this:
“…[Threadeo] is really, really, really exceptional…this takes what I’ve been doing on [another platform] for years and injects it full of the finest steroids that money can buy…”

Best of all, this is just the beginning. And it goes back to why workflows exist at all.

Workflows exist because we need to transform data: add, remove, edit, split, merge — and ultimately infer, so we can get to a decision or result. The better the workflow, the greater the likelihood of its usage. The greater the likelihood of usage, the more data that’ll flow through it. The more data that flows through it, the larger the dataset that can be mined to identify patterns and drive insights. And those insights can now drive new business value.

It’s a two-step approach:
One, improve the existing workflow to spend less time on delivering the same results.
Two, use the insights arising from the accumulated data (itself arising from repeated use of the workflow) to actually deliver better new business value.

Threadeo. Come for the workflows. Stay for the insights.


Extract meaningful information.

Threadeo Transform can help extract meaningful information from raw & disparate data such as video, audio, images and documents — revolutionizing a process that was traditionally manual, error-prone, and costly.

Redact for data privacy purposes.

Threadeo Transform enables AI and humans-in-the-loop to work together to better identify private information in video and audio to label, redact, and delete information for better compliance with global data privacy regulations.

Share with other applications.

Interoperability ensures that transformed data is shared in a consistent, compatible format across multiple applications. Threadeo Transform generates metadata from your content in standard formats such as JSON and XML.

How it works

Use cases

Transforming Data Privacy via video/audio redaction

IT leaders recognize the need to improve data privacy and reduce security risk caused by the daily creation of unstructured data in video and audio. They also want to make it easy for their organization to comply with GDPR and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA). To do so, they need to extend the data privacy capabilities of their Data Cloud platform — by being able to easily identify the exact location, time stamps, and type of private information in video and audio to label, secure, redact, or delete.

Here’s how: First, analysts pass data to Threadeo’s Transform platform, where multi-cloud AI offers redaction suggestions for humans in the loop to review. Next, domain experts can use an intuitive UI/UX to further redact, label, annotate, and enrich data as well. Finally, Threadeo Transform creates a virtual schema on top of this enriched data. This schema and its underlying data is now ready to be queried by business intelligence and data privacy tools.

Learn more about Transform for Data Privacy >

Transforming Training via translated/dubbed content

Since the shift to remote work, global learning & development teams are creating an overwhelming amount of video content, such webinars and training videos, on Zoom, Teams, Meet, and more. However they are now struggling with the amount of on-demand video after initial distribution because: (a) it is not easily searchable, and (b) the process of extracting information in the form of shareable clips for collaboration and learning is time-consuming and frustrating. Not to mention they recognize they are missing the opportunity to reach their global stakeholders because the videos are only in one language.

Threadeo Transform helps these teams by providing a seamless unstructured data transformation platform making it easy to transform a growing library of videos from unstructured, monolingual, non-searchable files into a searchable multi-language knowledge base. With interactive transcripts and captions translated into over 30 languages and voiceovers available in 12 languages, the contents of this knowledge base are ready for clip creation, redaction, search, and collaboration.

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Transforming Workplace Investigations via live annotation

Virtual workplace investigations and interviews are one of the most challenging duties HR professionals and E-investigators in financial services, healthcare, technology, and other industries must perform especially during a pandemic. Whether the investigator is an in-house human resources professional, attorney in legal or compliance departments, or an external independent investigator, professionals working on investigations need the ability to conduct domestic and international interviews using video conference platforms they know well such as WebEx, Zoom, Skype, allow interviewees to call in by phone when necessary, and easily collaborate in real time. They also need to be able to collaborate on documentary evidence securely, also in real time.

Threadeo Transform helps investigation teams by providing a seamless “unstructured data transformation” platform transforming video/audio streams and documentary evidence from unstructured data into collaboration ready digital assets accessible via a virtual workplace investigation platform.

The platform integrates the most advanced real time Speech to Text and foreign language translation technologies from Microsoft, Google, AWS and more to create a cloud based collaboration platform designed for teams working on internal and remote investigations. Easily connect it to your Zoom video stream and invite callers to connect via video or call into Zoom. The platform presents the livestream of the video with transcript text instantly appearing onscreen. Teams have full control to securely invite an unlimited number of remote investigation team members to the private virtual meeting room; control who attends, and enable them to privately view the interview and documentary evidence, along with the synchronized transcript text appearing line-by-line in Rough ASCII format. Team members can immediately start creating annotations (objections, highlights, and notes) on the synchronized transcript text and documentary evidence. They can later create shareable video clips and export reports. All from the cloud. No software required. For international interviews, Threadeo’s Real Time AI Language Translation can translate video and audio feeds live into 30+ languages for immediate collaboration, with fully interactive transcripts available in each language. For example, an internal investigation conducting a virtual interview of employees in a Spanish-speaking country, can translate the video feed in real time into an English transcript for English speakers to read in real time. Real-time dubbing is coming soon.

Learn more about Transform for Workplace Investigations >

Transforming Legal Services via deposition review & trial prep

In the litigation industry, the process for collaborating on deposition videos and official court transcripts in order to create video clips and reports for a trial is slow and antiquated. It’s a broken hodgepodge of security risks created by the use of multiple desktop software applications stitched together by time consuming workflows across organizations. Court reporting firms struggle for hours stitching deposition videos together, encoding them into new formats, and then loading them onto slow desktop software to try to synchronize videos with a court reporter’s certified transcript. The output is then moved to another desktop application where paralegals spend hours upon hours adding annotations, objections, issue codes to court transcripts to software with limited collaboration and reporting capabilities; all while video editing teams work on other applications to edit video clips for other downstream applications. During the pandemic era, those using Zoom for video depositions struggle with yet another workflow challenge while desperately wishing for real time rough transcripts for immediate collaboration.

Threadeo Transform for Legal Services is designed from the ground up to streamline all of these workflows. It provides a seamless “unstructured data transformation” platform transforming video, audio, transcripts, and exhibits from being unstructured data files into collaboration ready digital assets prepared for downstream applications. All in an easy to use Legal Services Cloud Platform ready to pass “transformed” files and metadata to other cloud based e-discovery and document review platforms. All accessible via a browser.

Court reporting firms can securely upload deposition video files and stitch them together for encoding in the cloud. Deposition videos and certified transcripts from court reporters can be synchronized in seconds vs hours or days. The synchronized interactive transcripts can be securely shared with the entire litigation team for remote viewing and collaboration; no per user fees. Paralegals can securely log into the cloud and easily create a coding palette and enable a team of paralegals and attorneys to add objections, issue codes, highlights, notes and link exhibits directly into the interactive transcript just by using the browser. Easily create pleading reports in seconds to securely share with peers, clients, and judges. Use the most modern search functionality to search “inside” and across video, audio, images, and documents. For teams using Zoom for video depositions. they can now watch as a real time transcript is generated and a remote team can immediately start adding objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes in real time. All annotations are precisely carried over to the certified transcript from the court report when synchronized with the video. This Legal Services Cloud Platform integrated the best AI technology from leading providers such as Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and more. Built on Amazon AWS — a leader in secure cloud computing.

Learn more about Transform for Legal >

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