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Personal injury attorneys: Get better outcomes faster with Threadeo AI for PI.

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This is the future. It's transformative. And it comes from Threadeo, a company I trust.

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Stop Chasing Deadlines. Start Dominating Personal Injury Cases.

Tired of drowning in medical records, struggling to build & update airtight chronologies, and wishing you had an extra pair of eyes (and a brain) on every case?
You’re not alone. Personal injury lawyers face immense pressure to deliver exceptional results for their clients, all while navigating mountains of paperwork, tight deadlines, and unpredictable opposing counsel.

What if you could:

Unlock instant insights from any document: Depositions, medical records, photos, videos – Threadeo AI for PI goes through it all for you, extracting key information and highlighting crucial details you can’t afford to miss.

Build robust, fact-based chronologies in a fraction of the time: Threadeo AI for PI auto-generates case chronologies based on you simply providing a few key details and associated files.

Anticipate opposing counsel’s next move: Gain a strategic edge with AI-powered critical analysis that helps you identify weaknesses in your case and develop winning counter-arguments.

Get personalized insights in real time: As you’re perusing content, so is Threadeo AI for PI, offering content suggestions that provide relevant context and/or strengthen your case.

Chat with your content: Ask anything about your case, like with the best chatbots on your planet. Get specific answers relevant to your case, unlike those chatbots.


Up to 3x faster case prep: Spend less time on tedious tasks. Spend more time on winning strategies.

Up to 10x faster chronology updates: New information is automatically presented for review as it comes in. So you’re always working with the most up-to-date facts.

Increased confidence in your arguments: Sharpen your legal strategy by understanding the case from every angle. Including your opponent’s perspective.

Giving your clients unprecedented leverage: Rest easy knowing that you have access to a level of AI capabilities that only defense firms have been able to access. Until now.

Delivering even better outcomes for your clients: Secure faster, higher settlements and more favorable judgments. With cutting-edge AI and top-flight client support at your service.

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