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Dub your videos with lifelike voices.

Speak your audience's language.

Actually, 12 languages.

What if your audience could hear your words in their language, with subtitles?
Wouldn’t that be music to their ears?
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Hearing is believing.

With Threadeo Dubbing, your audience can not only see subtitles in their language, but hear the words spoken in it as well. For a dozen languages.

Use Threadeo Dubbing to create an immersive experience and increase engagement for your recorded webinars, town halls, and training sessions.

Upload your source video to a cloud drive.

You pick the cloud drive that works best for you. We support Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, and AWS S3.

See the following 1-min video in English for reference. Then scroll down to watch the same video dubbed in Spanish.

Watch Reference Video

Provide feedback on draft transcription & translations.

Real partners don’t work in a vacuum. They coordinate as needed to get the best possible output in the shortest possible time.

With Threadeo’s built-in contextual commenting, discussions and approvals are easy. Just select the text in the video transcript or translation to create a clip. Then add your comment to that clip. All replies to that clip are threaded and easily accessible.

Download output from the same cloud drive.

Once the dubbing output is complete, we add it back to the same cloud drive folder.

See the following 1-min video, originally in English, now dubbed in Spanish using Threadeo Dubbing.

Watch Dubbed Video

From hear to there.

Request a demo to discover how dubbing can help you engage your stakeholders.

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