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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Threadeo?

Threadeo is an AI-powered platform that helps you:

  • convert your audio and video recordings into interactive, searchable transcripts

  • edit and polish transcripts into perfect form in minutes

  • export your transcripts

  • search for the most valuable content buried deep within recordings

  • share and discuss clips with colleagues

What makes Threadeo different from other transcription services?

Here are the top five reasons that make Threadeo different, and better.

  • Automation. The only person interacting with the platform, from recording to processing to editing to sharing, is you.

  • Speed. Our AI-powered engine can process a recording in about a third of the duration of the recording itself. So a hourlong recording is typically ready to use in 6 minutes. Compare that with several hours or days for human transcription services.

  • Value. Our services cost up to 90% less than traditional transcription services, while still providing accuracy within 4-5% of traditional services.

  • Interactivity. With every other service, the output is a static text file or Word document. Threadeo enables you to highlight and share specific portions of the transcript (and corresponding clip from within the recording), share them with your colleagues, and have separate threaded conversations around each of these clips.

  • Searchability. Threadeo uses an advanced search engine tuned with proprietary algorithms that surfaces the most relevant and contextual results from your transcripts and threaded conversations. No other video/audio transcription service (or indeed, processing provider) offers this.

How can Threadeo help drive ROI within my organization?

The speed, value, interactivity, and searchability that Threadeo provides can help drive ROI in two significant ways:

  • Accelerate existing workflows. When transcripts come back to you 10x faster than before, you can identify key topics faster. When you can search and collaborate from directly within the transcript interface, you can provide better context to your colleagues, quicker. Every single action you currently take is sped up or even eliminated. And when you add those time savings up across all your team members, day after day, you’ll find there’s nothing quite like it.

  • Identify new value creation opportunities. When all audio and video conversations across your entire organization are easily accessible, searchable, and digestible, content and insights can flow in ways previously not possible. This can increase revenues through recognizing new opportunities, and reduce costs due to faster communication. And because extracting content from audio & video becomes much easier, you can actually generate more content creation by encouraging team members to create voice notes, quick videos, which is typically much faster than written communication. More content, more insights, more value.

How does Threadeo work?

Threadeo integrates the world’s leading artificial intelligence speech to text engines with proprietary algorithms to generate transcripts. High accuracy even in noisy environments. Text transcripts are synced to audio and video so you can easily make edits to perfect them. Create clips to share with ease. You can export caption files in a variety of formats and languages and search transcripts for keywords. Click on any part of the transcript and jump to that moment in the video or audio file.

Is Threadeo fully automated?

Yes, Threadeo accurately listens and rapidly transcribes your files using the most advanced artificial intelligence engines and our proprietary algorithms.


Is Threadeo secure?

Yes, Threadeo takes security seriously. Threadeo takes a layered, redundant, and adversarial approach to the security of your data and of our platform. We accomplish this through a matrix of industry-standard tools, technologies, and processes that are periodically evaluated and continually updated. To learn more, please visit our Security page.

How much does it cost to use Threadeo?

We have pricing options for any size organization. Please visit our Pricing page.

Can I share the transcript?

Share entire transcript:

Yes, simply click on a video or audio file. When you see the transcript, click above on the transcript file name, then click “invite” and enter the email address of the receiver. They will get an email inviting them to securely view the transcript after creating a password. They will be able to view the transcript. You can give them edit privileges if you would like for them to be able to edit the transcript. Sharing is free.

Share a portion of the transcript:

Simply highlight any portion of the transcript and create a clip. After you click “save” you will have created a clip which will appear under the video. Click on the sharing icon to the right of the clip name and enter the email address of the recipient and they’ll receive an email inviting them to securely view the clip and transcript after creating a password. You can also download the clip. Threadeo enables you to cut the video clip and download it simply by highlighting the transcript.

Can I upload hundreds of hours of audio/video in need transcription, indexing, and also make them into a searchable archive? Can I get a better rate?

Yes,  we offer enterprise plans and have an API. We can upload massive volumes if needed.  We can transform entire libraries of video and audio files into a valuable searchable asset fast. Send us an email and we’ll be happy to help:

Do you support both video and audio files? How do I upload?

Yes, you can upload both. After you login, click on the Upload box and you’ll be able to upload from Dropbox or your computer.  Uploading from Dropbox is almost instantaneous. Normal upload times will apply when uploading from a computer or mobile device. When uploading from a computer or mobile device, it’s best to use a good wifi connection.


What types of file formats can I upload?

Threadeo supports: MP4, MOV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, WAV

You can easily to convert audio and video files to one of these common formats using a tool such as Audacity. Is there a specific file format you’d like to see supported? Email us at

How does the editor work?

Our In-Browser editor matches the audio to text word for word. Click on “edit” in the transcript to edit any part of the transcript. This way you can easily edit text to perfectly match audio. You can adjust, insert, and delete words and short phrases and Threadeo will maintain the timestamps.

Can I export the transcript, translations, captions, and subtitles?

Yes, you can export Microsoft Word (.docx), text file (.txt), pdf (.pdf), and subtitles (.srt),  Synchronized Multimedia Integration (.smi), Web Video Text Tracks (.vtt), legal (.Rough ASCII). More formats are coming soon.


How many files can I upload at a time?

You can select multiple files at the same time for upload.  For large quantities, email us at and we can help.


How can Threadeo help me edit and polish my transcript or translation to 99% accuracy?

There are two ways for you to perfect your transcript:

  1. Invite team members as editors: Click on the “invite” button, enter your team member’s email address, turn on the “editor” toggle.
  2. Order a perfected transcript directly from within the video or audio content: Once the automated transcript is ready but before you have translated any content, click on the “bullseye” icon near the top left of the transcript. Confirm that you would like a professional human transcriptionist to transcribe the content, and place the order. Currently we offer this at a competitive rate of $1.25/min, which is on par with the best human transcription services out there.

Can Threadeo automatically generate closed captions?

Yes, and we can generate them in multiple languages. You can download the closed caption files to insert in your social media to globalize content.

How long does it take to transcribe a video or audio file?

Threadeo converts an hour of video or audio to text in about 5 minutes with about 95% accuracy with good audio.


How long does it take to translate a video or audio file?

Threadeo can translate a video or audio file, transcribed by Threadeo, into another language in under 1 minute at high accuracy. It’s quite incredible.  For the best accuracy, make sure to edit the transcript in the source language and polish it to 99%+ accuracy before translation. Make sure to correct punctuation.  A high accuracy transcript with good punctuation greatly improves translation.

What languages does Threadeo support for transcription?

Bengali, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Kannada, Latvian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Zulu.

Would you like us to support other languages? Email us at

What languages does Threadeo support for language translation?

Bengali, Danish, Dutch, Estonian, Finnish, French, German, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Italian, Kannada, Latvian, Malay, Malayalam, Marathi, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Tamil, Telugu, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Zulu.

Would you like us to support other languages? Email us at


How accurate is Threadeo’s transcription and translation?

We have two approaches to transcription: AI-only and AI+human professional.

Our cutting-edge AI-only engine does its best to get transcripts as close to 100% accurate as possible.  Clear, crisp audio files get us pretty close. Heavy accents, sporadic diction, or people talking over each other reduces the accuracy level.

You can also order a 99% accurate transcript custom-prepared just for you by a professional human transcriptionist – right from within Threadeo.

Whichever path you take, our easy-to-use in-browser editor will help you quickly polish any transcripts or translations.

A note on audio quality

The higher the quality the audio the better the transcription. We integrate the world’s best speech to text engines and can perform well even in noisy environments. Try transcribing at a noisy bar or restaurant and see. You’ll be surprise how well we do. That said, the better the recording, the better the transcription. While the best results come from using high quality mics and quiet recording environments, try Threadeo in all environments. Whatever doesn’t transcribe perfectly can be corrected in seconds in the editor.

Can I have a dedicated version of Threadeo that’s only accessible to my team/organization?

Yes, our Global Teams product is exactly for this purpose. This allows you to have as many users as you need tied to specific admins and cost centers as you need.  Email us at

I’m interested in reselling Threadeo to my customers. Do you have a white label program?

Yes, we currently offer a white labeled version for companies interested in selling our product and services under their brand. Contact us at

Can I invite individuals from outside my team/organization as collaborators?

Yes, you can invite anyone to collaborate and edit transcripts and translations. All you need is their email address.

Does Threadeo offer volume discounts for processing (hundreds of hours per month)?

Yes. Email us at