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Getting Started

Step 1: Log in.

Set up and log in to your Threadeo account, and navigate to the Threadeo console.

Step 2: Import.

Import your data by selecting your Data Store (Dropbox, Google, other) and clicking “Start Upload”.

Step 3: Analyze & Search.

Threadeo supports Query Operations of Create, Update, Delete, Read, and Search. You can search across all of your normalized data using keywords. We have also included the extension of the unstructured text fields so that you can search any of the tagged data.

Step 4: Export.

Export transformed meta-data into standard formats such as XML, JSON, and Parquet into applications such as Snowflake. Create interactive dashboards using QuickSight or PowerBI. Build new ML models with SageMaker.

Ready to make sense of your unstructured data?

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