Deposition Lifecycle Management
for Law Firms

Streamline deposition workflows within & between law firms.

Deposition Lifecycle Management (DLM) streamlines the deposition workflow inside a law firm, across multiple law firms, and between court reporting firms & law firms. DLM enables law firms to securely receive digital assets transferred from court reporting firms in modern formats ready for search and annotation, and manage contractual sharing agreements while also centralizing deposition storage and strengthening compliance. All securely, all in the cloud.

DLM for law firms automates and streamlines deposition processes during key stages, including: digital asset receipt, data annotation, reports, collaboration, data sharing, ongoing management, and compliance within the repository.

By creating a common language, unified processes, and consistent conditions, law firms and court reporting firms can save time and reduce errors. Most companies are familiar with contract lifecycle management software designed to provide greater visibility into corporate spend, lower administrative costs, and create greater efficiencies in the contract process. Deposition Lifecycle Management for court reporting firms is similar but focused on the lifecycle of digital assets associated with depositions.

DLM accomplishes this by:

  • Standardizing digital content delivery protocols and formats
  • Enabling enhanced capabilities applied to digital assets such as annotation and collaboration
  • Strengthening security compliance via SOC 2 and HIPAA
  • Creating deposition-related contracts quickly and easily using pre-approved templates and legal clauses

Threadeo DLM builds a bridge across every phase of the deposition — from court reporting firm, to law firm, to trial.


Receive depositions instantly and automatically

Receive certified transcripts and synced video instantly and automatically from court reporting firms.

Annotate video-synced certified transcripts

Make page:lines directly on received depositions — and set permissions on accessibility.

Search within & across your depositions — even video

Search for specific content and go directly to that exact location in a deposition video or in a certified transcript.

Unlimited collaboration, unlimited page:lines

No per-user or page:line charges, so every team member gets their own account and can annotate freely.

Easy cost monitoring via detailed reporting

Effectively manage costs through detailed usage & billing records and customizable reporting.

High security with SOC 2 & HIPAA-ready compliance*

Gain peace of mind with industry-leading security & privacy, with SOC 2 and HIPAA compliance coming soon.

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