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Transform. For Legal.

Transform human-generated unstructured data.
Infuse it with insights. Distribute it better.
Make it work for you like never before.
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There's a lot to Transform.

Threadeo Transform enables companies to transform, search, analyze, and store human-generated unstructured data at petabyte scale.

Company data is frequently incomplete and inconsistent. It’s often unstructured, with information contained in webinars, training videos, recorded conversations, images, and reports — across disparate formats and systems.

This presents a challenge, and an opportunity. If you can structure this data, you can make better decisions and operate more efficiently.

And that is exactly what Threadeo Transform helps you do.

Threadeo Transform removes the heavy lifting of organizing, indexing, and structuring human generated unstructured data to provide a complete view of information patterns and relationships in a secure, compliant, and auditable manner.

Using Threadeo APIs, organizations can easily copy data from on-premises systems to a secure data lake in the cloud. Threadeo transforms unstructured data using specialized multi-cloud machine learning models, like natural language processing combined with humans-in-the-loop to extract meaningful information from the data and provides formats ready for modern data cloud platforms enabling powerful query and search capabilities.

Organizations can use advanced analytics and ML models, such as QuickSight and SageMaker, or BI tools such as PowerBI to analyze and understand relationships, identify trends, and make predictions from the newly normalized and structured data. Whether it’s law, healthcare, or media, Threadeo helps unlock the hidden value in unstructured data.


Extract meaningful information.

Threadeo Transform can automatically understand and extract meaningful information from raw & disparate data such as video, audio, images and documents — revolutionizing a process that was traditionally manual, error-prone, and costly.

Identify trends and make predictions.

Threadeo Transform enables AI and humans-in-the-loop to work together to enrich, label, and annotate data into formats for the data cloud. Build machine learning models and unlock novel insights, find patterns, and identify anomalies.

Support interoperable standards.

Interoperability ensures that transformed data is shared in a consistent, compatible format across multiple applications. Threadeo Transform generates metadata from your content in standard formats such as JSON and XML.

How it works

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Use cases

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