Legal teams:

Collaborate on depositions.

Remotely. Effectively.

Share, mark up, and export page:lines from depositions – safely and quickly. Who says remote work can’t be effective?
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Move cases forward. Remotely. Effectively.

Sync certified transcripts to video.
Share with partners, associates, and paralegals.
Create and discuss page:lines with remote collaborators.
Export video clips to trial presentation software.
Create pleadings and reports for submission.

Threadeo Legal makes all of this possible. Remotely. Effectively.

Synchronize certified transcript with deposition video.

Upload deposition video.
Wait 5 minutes.*
Upload certified transcript.
Wait 15 seconds.*
Rinse. Repeat.

*Processing times are indicative only and may vary.

Share video + transcript with collaborators.

Invite partners, associates, and paralegals.
Give edit permissions for flexibility.
All within seconds.
Real progress starts here.

Create and discuss page:lines with collaborators.

Select text in certified transcript.
Choose page:line type (objection, issue code, highlight, note).
Collaborators get notified.
Conversations begin.
The case moves forward.

Export clips to trial presentation software.

Every page:line is a video clip.
Select the ones you want to export.
Add captions from certified transcript.*
Download and add to trial prep software.
Get ready for showtime.

*If you like.

Create pleadings for sharing with court and/or opposing counsel.

Every page:line is visible in the transcript.
Select the ones you want to export.
Download and share as needed.
So you can focus on the case, not software.

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