Legal teams:

Collaborate on depositions.

Remotely. Effectively.

Share, mark up, and export page:lines from depositions – safely and quickly. Who says remote work can’t be effective?
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Streamline your deposition review workflow. Reliable, secure, fast.

We make it easy for law professionals to securely review certified transcripts, including those with synchronized deposition videos. Work on your laptop or iPad. Onboard & collaborate effortlessly.


Annotate transcripts & create video clips

Add objections & issue codes to any certified transcript. They automatically become exportable video clips for synced transcripts.

Get clean citations for any annotation

Make page:lines directly on received depositions — and set permissions on accessibility.

Read, watch, and listen instantly

Click on any line in the transcript to watch or listen to the corresponding video/audio.

Create reports across transcripts

Add any annotation from any transcript to a report. Filter by deponent or issue code and export to PDF.

Use on laptop, iPad or phone

Work from home, the office, or anywhere with secure login on laptop, iPad, or phone. Easily onboard new team members to cases.

Give your team superpowers

Annotate, collaborate, and export better & faster than ever before.

Move cases forward. Remotely. Effectively.

Sync certified transcripts to video.
Share with partners, associates, and paralegals.
Create and discuss page:lines with remote collaborators.
Export video clips to trial presentation software.
Create pleadings and reports for submission.

Threadeo Legal makes all of this possible. Remotely. Effectively.

Synchronize certified transcript with deposition video.

Upload deposition video.
Wait 5 minutes.*
Upload certified transcript.
Wait 15 seconds.*
Rinse. Repeat.

*Processing times are indicative only and may vary.

Share video + transcript with collaborators.

Invite partners, associates, and paralegals.
Give edit permissions for flexibility.
All within seconds.
Real progress starts here.

Create and discuss page:lines with collaborators.

Select text in certified transcript.
Choose page:line type (objection, issue code, highlight, note).
Collaborators get notified.
Conversations begin.
The case moves forward.

Export clips to trial presentation software.

Every page:line is a video clip.
Select the ones you want to export.
Add captions from certified transcript.*
Download and add to trial prep software.
Get ready for showtime.

*If you like.

Create pleadings for sharing with court and/or opposing counsel.

Every page:line is visible in the transcript.
Select the ones you want to export.
Download and share as needed.
So you can focus on the case, not software.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Yes, you can easily filter down by an issue code or multiple issue codes and create reports with just those issue codes.

Yes, any annotation can be cut and exported as a video clip. For example, say you added ten highlights to a transcript. You can create a report with the ten highlights, you can also export each of the highlights as a separate video clip, and stitch all ten clips together as one clip. You can easily share a clip with a colleague. Simply click on the sharing icon next to a clip, type in their email address, and they’ll get an invite to the clip.

Yes, simply upload the designations and counter-designations, and Threadeo will automatically add the designations to the transcript. Paralegals have told us that this process used to take days -- and sometimes an entire weekend -- but now they do it in Threadeo in just minutes.

Yes, we can provide the MDB for older TrialDirector versions, XML for TrialDirector 360, and MDB for OnCue.

Yes! We can convert older formats such as MPEG-1 (an additional fee may apply), synchronize the videos and transcripts, and enable you to start annotating and creating clips within minutes. No desktop software is required and turnaround times are as good as or better than the competition. Email us at and we'll get back to you promptly.

Threadeo is entirely cloud-based. No desktop software is required. You can easily onboard an unlimited number of team members who can collaborate on transcripts via a browser.

Yes. We support audio files in MP3, WAV, FLAC, and AAC formats.

Yes. You can store your entire library of synchronized videos and transcripts in Threadeo and search “inside” videos and transcripts using key keywords. Our search engine can search the entire library, and the search results will show you all the videos with the keywords and where the words appear in the transcripts. You can click on the word and immediately jump to that specific location in the transcript and play the video or create a clip.

Court reporting firms still to this day send files via USB, or CD, although many now send links in emails connecting to files in cloud storage solutions. USBs and CDs are a security risk for law firms, and even sending cloud provider links via email can pose a significant risk. The fastest and safest way is for a court reporting firm to process files on Threadeo and, once complete, transfer files instantly via Threadeo. Threadeo sends you, the law firm, an email informing you files are ready and invites you to create a secure account. Future jobs are securely delivered to the secure account without the need for links in emails. You’ll receive an email notification, without links to files, alerting you that jobs are ready, and you can log in securely to access all files. This eliminates the risk of links to files in the email should an email system ever be compromised via a security breach. We support single-sign-on and two-factor authentication.

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