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Real-time translation and subtitles

in 40 languages for your next live event.

Engage your audience like never before.

Imagine the speakers at your next town hall or webinar being able to address audiences in 40 languages. Simultaneously. In real-time.
What would that do for your engagement metrics?
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Reach the world with every spoken word. Live.

With Threadeo Live Translation, your audience sees on-screen subtitles in their preferred language, just like in a foreign-language movie. Except it’s all live.

Use Threadeo Live Translation to expand your audience and increase engagement like never before for your live webinars, town halls, and training sessions.

Connect your live Zoom or Webex event to Threadeo.

Connect your webinar, town hall, or training session to Threadeo Live Translation.

It’s really easy (5 min), and we’ll walk you through it.

We currently support Zoom and Webex. Contact us for other platforms.

Share a link with your global audience.

We’ll provide you with a link to share with your global audience.

They’ll see a video player page where they can choose captions in their preferred language.

Interested in custom branding and white label options? Contact us.

Expand & engage your audience.

More languages means more attendees.

More attendees who better understand your content means better engagement metrics.

It’s really that simple.

Ready for live translation?

Request a demo to see how live translation can transform your events.

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