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Advanced post-conference collaboration:
For conference producers & marketing teams

Go global with your on-demand content.

Threadeo Transform for Conferences enables conference producers to transform their video library into a searchable knowledge base complete with interactive transcripts, captions, and transcripts translated into 30+ languages, dubbed in 12 languages, ready for tagging, annotation, clip creation, search, and collaboration.

Conference and webinar producers are creating an overwhelming amount of video content — including webinars and training videos — in Zoom, Teams, and more. However, a huge proportion of this painstakingly created content loses value after initial distribution because it is not easily searchable, and because the process for extracting specific clips for distribution is time-consuming and frustrating. In addition, conference producers missing the opportunity to reach their global stakeholders (and get greater ROI on their production investment) because the content is only in one language.

With Transform, video libraries increase in value with each additional video added. Domain experts can add comments and tags to video transcripts to add value to content. They can embed links directly into interactive transcripts to increase learning and engagement, with the platform intelligently suggesting related topics across videos. Links to images and documents stored in cloud providers can be inserted into specific moments in an interactive video transcript.

Best of all, Transform is 100% cloud-based, so there’s no need to purchase different types of software for tasks in the same workflow. No need for messy software updates. Unbelievably easy to use. And it’s powered by the most secure, reliable, and advanced technologies in the world.


Identify conference highlights faster

Transform virtual conferences broadcast on Zoom, Meet, Teams, and others into searchable knowledge bases in minutes. The platform makes it orders of magnitude easier to search across and inside conference videos to help surface key insights and takeaways from a keynote or panel discussion. Conference producers can easily select and create video clips by simply highlighting text in the interactive transcript and securely sharing online.

Create a highlights reel, quickly

Often some of the best information nuggets are buried deep within a keynote or panel discussion and across different sessions. Instead of forwarding long videos of all of the sessions — that are guaranteed to never be seen in full — simply select the highlights and quickly create a summary report with links to the highlighted clips. Now your audience can get the key themes from your event within just minutes instead of hours.

Translate & dub into dozens of languages

When creating content for a global audience, conference producers need a better way to translate large video libraries into multiple languages at scale. Transform for Conferences can transform entire video libraries into searchable knowledge bases available in 30+ languages. Transform can also dub videos into 12 languages. Your global audience can then be presented content in the language most relevant to them — and most valuable to you.

Detailed Components and Pricing

Intelligent Video/Audio Processing (IVAP)

Threadeo Transform’s intelligent video/audio processing (IVAP) applies multi-cloud AI solutions to video & audio — enabling transcription, translation, dubbing, search, annotation, and export. OThe result:an interactive transcript with subtitles and speaker diarization. Subtitles support standards used by Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more. IVAP costs $0.15/min.

Human-in-the-loop Transcript Proofreading

For use cases where 99%+ transcript accuracy is required, Threadeo provides expert human proofreading services at $1.30/min (48 hr turnaround). Expedited turnaround times (6 hr or less) available upon special request at additional charge.

AI Language Translation

After a video is processed, it is ready and available for language translation. Threadeo’s AI Language Translation can translate hours of video and audio transcripts into 30+ languages within seconds, with fully interactive transcripts available in each language. AI language translation costs $0.25/min/language.

Human-in-the-loop Translation Proofreading

For use cases where 99%+ accuracy is required in a translation, Threadeo provides expert human translation services at $3/min/language to $10/min/language, depending on the source and target languages.

Transcript Sync & Time Alignment

If you’re a conference producer who has already engaged professionals to create high-quality translations of your content, we have you covered. Transform can instantly and automatically synchronize professional translations with their corresponding video and audio content. This enables the use of your high-quality translation with all of Transform’s other great benefits, such as open & closed captions, annotation, highlights reel creation, editing, and dubbing. Transcript sync costs $1/min/language.

AI Dubbing

Threadeo Dubbing is a multi-cloud AI solution automating the dubbing workflow. Using the outputs of the intelligent video/audio processing (IVAP) and any human-in-the-loop upgrades, Threadeo Dubbing will dub a keynote or panel discussion in seconds. With over 100 high-quality neural voices across dozens of languages, we can help make a variety of content genres (including corporate training, webinars, documentary, news, talk shows, education, training, and lifestyle) more accessible to global, multicultural audiences. Pricing upon request.

Media Editing beta

Media Editing is a multi-cloud solution helping companies stitch video files together and edit sections upstream of intelligent video/audio processing (IVAP). On the downstream side, Media Editing enables transcoding of processed content into multiple formats, and exports of a variety of outputs including full video & audio files, clips, and more. Media Editing has an intuitive UI/UX, advanced features, high security, and zero setup & maintenance. Media Editing costs $0.25/min for each upstream or downstream job.

Platform Fees (Active Content only)

There’s a lot going on under the hood with Transform. But as we’ve said before, we think it’s only fair that you pay for what you use, when you use it. With our innovative, customer-focused “active/inactive content” model, you are in full control of your spending. If you don’t think you’ll be needing content for a while, mark it as “inactive” with just a couple of clicks. Whenever you want it back, make it “active”. You will only be billed a platform fee for the total active content, for only $0.25/GB/day. This gives you all of the benefits described on this page, across all content, plus premium customer support. Incredible technology, meet unbelievable value.

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