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There's a lot to Transform.

Threadeo Transform enables companies to transform, search, analyze, and store human-generated unstructured data at petabyte scale.

Using Threadeo Transform, organizations can easily copy data from on-premise systems to a secure data lake in the cloud. Threadeo Transform uses artificial intelligence (AI) to: (i) automatically extract meaningful information from raw data; (ii) organize and index all this information; (iii) structure this information to enable export into industry-standard formats ready for the data cloud. In parallel, data transformed by AI is then ready for enrichment, annotation, and labeling by domain experts via Threadeo’s UI/UX to prepare it for downstream applications.

Detailed Components

Intelligent Video/Audio Processing (IVAP)

Threadeo applies multi-cloud AI solutions to video and audio, creating a new layer of rich metadata that enables downstream applications such as transcription, translation, dubbing, search, annotation, and export. This intelligent video/audio processing (IVAP) results in an interactive transcript with subtitles and speaker diarization. Subtitles support standards used by Netflix, YouTube, Prime Video, and more. IVAP costs $0.15/min.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) beta

Threadeo helps organizations create datasets from semi-structured and unstructured data such as contracts, sales orders, invoices, and customer correspondence which are challenging to organize using rule-based software. Threadeo’s intelligent document processing (IDP) enables companies to manage large volumes of data and to improve data quality for analysis. Further refinement using human-in-the-loop services is also available at an additional charge. IDP costs $0.10/page.

Human-in-the-loop Transcript Proofreading

For use cases where 99%+ transcript accuracy is required, Threadeo provides expert human proofreading services at $1.30/min (48 hr turnaround). Expedited turnaround times (6 hr or less) available upon special request at additional charge.

AI Language Translation

After a video, audio, or document file is processed, it is ready and available for language translation. Threadeo’s AI Language Translation can translate hours of video and audio transcripts into 30+ languages within seconds, with fully interactive transcripts available in each language. AI language translation costs $0.25/min/language.

Human-in-the-loop Translation Proofreading

For use cases where 99%+ accuracy is required in a translation, Threadeo provides expert human translation services at $3/min/language to $10/min/language, depending on the source and target languages.

Human-in-the-loop Data Labeling & Enrichment

Threadeo can provide data labeling, enrichment, and annotation services at different levels of expertise for video, audio, documents, and images. Pricing available on request.

AI Dubbing

Threadeo Dubbing is a multi-cloud AI solution automating the dubbing workflow. Using the outputs of the intelligent video/audio processing and any human-in-the-loop upgrades, Threadeo Dubbing will dub a full feature film or training video in minutes. With over 100 high-quality neural voices across dozens of languages, we can help make a variety of content genres (including corporate training, webinars, documentary, news, talk shows, education, training, and lifestyle) more accessible to global, multicultural audiences. Pricing upon request.

Media Editing beta

Threadeo Media Editing is a multi-cloud solution helping companies stitch video files together and edit sections upstream of intelligent video/audio processing (IVAP). On the downstream side, Media Editing enables transcoding of processed content into multiple formats, and exports of a variety of outputs including full video & audio files, clips, and more. Media Editing has an intuitive UI/UX, advanced features, high security, and zero setup & maintenance. Media Editing costs $0.25/min for each upstream or downstream job.

Threadeo Data Lake

Threadeo Data Lake stores and indexes all your information so it can be easily searched, queried, and connected to data cloud providers. Video & audio storage starts at $0.01/min/month. Document storage starts at $0.005/page/month. Image storage starts at $0.01/GB/month. The Data Lake is secure, scalable, zero-maintenance, and highly available, just like the AWS S3 platform on which it is built.

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