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Unstructured data transformation.

Transform unstructured data into high-value, high-reach assets at scale with Threadeo.

Add structure to your rich media.

Threadeo enables you to analyze, annotate, and identify relationships within and across your rich media (video, audio, images, documents).

Use Threadeo to transform your unstructured rich media data into high-value, high-reach knowledge assets and analyze them using your existing tools.

The Problem

The amount of unstructured content generated daily is overwhelming — especially in video & audio.

In the remote work era, teams across industries are conducting more webinars, podcasts, virtual conferences, and on-demand training videos than ever on Zoom, Google Meet, and Webex. But this leads to problems:

  • No way to annotate live content, as the words are being spoken
  • No easy way to search for information buried within content
  • No easy way to bookmark specific clips or create annotations for sharing
  • Tedious, error-prone, and inefficient to translate and dub content from one language into multiple languages to increase accessibility
  • …and more

What if there was a way to convert unstructured content, such as spoken words, into high-value, high-reach assets at scale?

The Solution

Threadeo transforms unstructured video & audio content into searchable, shareable digital assets. For example:

  • Take notes on a live event as the words are spoken
  • Translate a live event in real-time with captions
  • Search for a word you heard in a webinar
  • Click a search result to go to the exact moment where the word was spoken
  • Select text to create a clip of a particular speaker
  • Export the clip with burned-in captions into 40 languages
  • Dub the clip using lifelike voices into 12 languages

How much more valuable would your meetings and webinars be if you could do all this?

Insights on building high-value assets:

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