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Search videos & podcasts. Create action items & clips. Share instantly.

Better video search, so you get better results faster.

Designed to help you find information faster and collaborate better around information INSIDE of hard-to-search video & audio, such as Zoom recordings, YouTube videos, podcasts, earnings calls, and customer support interactions.

  • Easily search by spoken word.
  • Search your entire video library in seconds.
  • Find and highlight “action items” and instantly share.
  • Create and share links to clips.
  • Create and export caption files.
  • Cut and export selected clips.
  • Select from AI or human perfected transcript (99% accuracy).

It works like this: Get your interactive, synchronized transcript by simply uploading your video or audio file. Click text to play, select text to create clips. Annotate & mark up content. Export video, audio, and text content into a variety of formats — including subtitles & captions, even burned-in (open captions). All powered by advanced AI working alongside human expert transcribers. AI transcription available in 50 languages.

Not just transcribed. Synchronized.

Getting a transcript as a document is easy. Threadeo goes one step further by giving you an interactive transcript that’s synchronized with video/audio timestamps. Click text to play, select text to create a clip.

Click text to play

Click anywhere in the text to play your video/audio content at that location. No more “click and pray”.

Select text to create clips

Select text to create a clip corresponding to the time when that text was spoken. No more memorizing timestamps.

Flag, tag, highlight, note

Add annotations including flags, tags, highlights, and notes to mark up content as you need. Each annotation is also a clip.

Search inside your video/audio knowledge base.

Enter search terms, and see videos associated with that search term magically appear.

From input to output in three easy steps.

Step 1: Upload Video/Audio

Create your secure Threadeo account and upload your video & audio files. Use a screen recording tool (e.g., Wondershare) to capture videos for upload.

Step 2: Review AI Transcript

Receive an AI transcript in minutes, and review it using click-to-play.

Step 3: Order Human Transcript if needed

If you need higher accuracy (~99%), order a high-quality human transcript just by clicking a button. Turnaround time is 24-36 hours.

Great value, whatever you choose.

AI-only transcript

  • $0.20/min
  • 85-90% typical accuracy
  • ~5 min typical turnaround

Human Transcript (optional)

  • $1.80/min
  • 99% typical accuracy
  • ~24-36 hours typical turnaround

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