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Annotate, share, translate, dub,

and search inside video & audio.

Transform content into knowledge.

Transform your webinars, meetings, and training videos into usable knowledge.
Annotate, search, share, clip, translate, and dub content to increase accessibility and value.
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From unstructured content to usable knowledge.

Get interactive transcripts in 40 languages.
Translate content across 40 languages.
Dub video & audio files into 12 languages.
Annotate content by adding highlights & notes.
Create & share clips with collaborators and on the web.
Export content with burned-in subtitles.
Search for exact moments within content and annotations.

Transform your video & audio into knowledge — at speed and scale.

Who cares about your content?

Marketing and training teams today are putting out more webinars, town halls, and other virtual events than ever before.

But there are some inconvenient questions that come up:

  • Is the content usable or valuable after initial distribution?
  • Can you easily search within the content for key insights?
  • Can you quickly create & share clips containing those insights?
  • Is your content accessible to a multilingual audience?

Only Threadeo Transform helps you answer “yes” to all of these.

Get interactive transcripts in 40 languages.

Upload content recorded in any of 40 languages.
Wait a few minutes.
Your interactive transcript is ready.

Ready to annotate, search, clip, translate, and more.

Translate content across 40 languages.

Edit the automated transcript.
Or order a human-perfected one.
Select up to 40 languages for translation.
Your translations are ready in seconds.

Ready to annotate, search, clip, and dub.

Create & share clips with collaborators.

Select text in the transcript to create a clip.
Add comments to the clip to create an annotation.
Invite collaborators to review & reply to annotations.
Share links to annotations in Teams or Slack.

This is collaboration, redefined.

Export clips with burned-in subtitles.

Export the full video/audio file or clips within.
Choose whether you want captions.
Check your email in a few minutes.
Your downloads are ready.

You just went from raw video to shareable, multilingual, captioned clips in minutes.

Search for exact moments within content & annotations.

Search for specific words/phrases.
Click to go to the exact spot in the video/audio file for those terms.
You can search across videos, clips, and comments.
You can search across any language into which a file has been translated.

This is multilingual video/audio search done right.

Ready to go from unstructured content to usable knowledge?

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