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Transcribe video & audio content in 30+ languages.
Translate content across 30+ languages.
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Threadeo Translate makes all of this possible at cloud speed.

Transcribe video & audio content in 30+ languages.

Upload content recorded in any of 30+ languages.
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No one is faster, as far as we know.

Translate content across 30+ languages.

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Create & share clips with collaborators.

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Add comments to the clip.
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Collaborators can edit translations and share comments.

This is how teams can rapidly refine translated content.

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Search across content in 30+ languages.

Search for specific words/phrases.
Click to go to the exact spot in the video/audio file for those terms.
You can search across videos, clips, and comments.
You can search across any language into which a file has been translated.

This is multilingual video/audio search done right.

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