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About Us

Threadeo is led by a skilled, cohesive, and empathetic team that is committed to simplifying content workflows for its customers. Our products save time, reduce stress, and help teams achieve their goals faster and better.

Michael Fernandez


Michael Fernandez is CEO of Threadeo. Michael is an accomplished leader and personable team builder. He co-founded Coffee Review, Little Kids Rock, and Threadeo. All three continue to thrive.

Aniket Sawant


Dr. Aniket Sawant is Chief Technology Officer and co-founder of Threadeo. A serial entrepreneur with multidisciplinary skills, he is passionate about continually improving the platform to make it more valuable to customers with each passing day.

Vlad Shadrin

Engineering Lead

Vlad is the engineering lead and co-founder of Threadeo. He's a full-stack engineer and passionate about building software products that empower people around the world to learn faster from video and audio.