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Voiceover services in 50 languages with lifelike voices. No studio fees, no session fees.

Find your voice. Speak to your audience.

Our voiceover service allows your audience to listen to your video and audio in 50 languages. We use lifelike neural voices powered by cutting-edge artificial intelligence, with results that rival recordings by professionals. High quality, fast, and competitively priced. Find your voice and expand your horizons.

Original Video.

Listen to the original video in English.

Video with Voiceover.

Listen to the video with Voiceover in Spanish.

Hear the difference.

We take your original language video and re-render it using our proven, proprietary process. Satisfaction guaranteed.

Neural voices only

We only use neural AI voices. These are the result of cutting-edge AI and set the benchmark for audio realism.

Click to play, select to clip

Your voiceover is delivered directly within the powerful Threadeo platform, so you can click text to play content, and select text to create clips.

Annotate and export

Annotate and export content as you need. Create clips for internal review or for production.

Find your voice in four easy steps.

Step 1: Upload Files

Start with the finalized translation in the target language, as well as the video to which voiceover will be added. Ensure proper punctuation and proofreading prior to upload.

Step 2: Voice Selection Consultation

Our team will walk you through, and provide recommendations on, various voice options. We only use neural voices for the best experience for your audience.

Step 3: Processing

Our team gets to work, expertly layering the selected voice over the video frames using a combination of proprietary algorithms and the human touch.

Step 4: Download

Your files will typically be available, directly in your Threadeo account, within 3 business days.

Ready to find your voice?

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