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There's a lot to Transform.

Threadeo Transform for Legal is your next-generation legal services platform providing teams with anywhere/anytime deposition review & collaboration capabilities. This intuitive cloud-based platform transforms video, audio, and transcript content into collaboration-ready assets for the modern legal professional who needs to collaborate with remote teams during eDiscovery. Transform for Legal provides a central repository to search and review digital assets and requires almost zero technical proficiency. Upload, organize, and sort large amounts of video, audio, and transcript content in a modern user interface. Set up cases quickly and easily.

Teams can now be in sync with each other by creating agreed-upon tagging structures, formats, and definitions for marking up transcripts online all while providing a clear audit trail for the case team. The platform facilitates the identification, export, and understanding of key deposition excerpts to be used in summaries, briefs, motions, and correspondence with clients. Easily format annotations alongside a deposition video, create an issue report for a trial attorney, or fill out a designation table to file with the court, all in the cloud and using only a modern browser.

Ideal for mid-sized & boutique law firms and court reporting firms working together. No need to be constrained by desktop software with limited sharing capabilities. No need to purchase multiple different types of software for tasks in the same workflow. No need for messy software updates. Unbelievably easy to use. Powered by the most secure, reliable, and advanced cloud technologies in the world.


Identify insights faster

Transform for Legal accelerates time to evidence by making it easier to search across witness testimony to help surface key insights to craft the best story possible. Litigators easily select and create video clips by simply highlighting text in the interactive transcript and export the associated video clip to tell the story.

Onboard & handoff seamlessly

Easily hand off a case to a new attorney. Get a new team member quickly onboarded to a case. The intuitive, always up-to-date platform enables team members to get up to speed quickly and understand what the prior case team was thinking by reviewing all their annotations, tags, notes, comments, and summaries in one place. Now your team can spend much less time on IT and more time on case strategy.

Sync deposition videos & transcripts better than ever

Synchronize court transcripts with deposition videos within seconds, at an unbelievable level of quality, powered by the some of the best AI & algorithms in the world. Use the same platform for sync as you do for upload, collaboration, editing, and export. Do all this securely using only your browser. Say goodbye to multiple desktop and on-premise software applications that don’t work well together, have expensive annual fees, and that are inaccessible during power outages.

Unlimited collaboration, unlimited page:lines

Collaboration and page:line designations are critical to our industry, and we believe they should never be metered. We think that “per-user” software license models are overpriced, outdated, and stifle productivity. Your team has valuable page:line designations (objections, highlights, issue codes, and notes) to create and share. That is why we enable unlimited collaborators and unlimited page:lines with every Transform for Legal account for a very low price. Everything is securely searchable and shareable by all authorized team members. No per user fees, no support fees.

Pay only for what you use

Transform for Legal has a revolutionary pay-as-you-go model with no up-front costs. Only pay for what you use, when you need it — and don’t pay for it otherwise. Other than a $1 onboarding fee (yes, really), there are no hidden costs or surprise fees. Use our innovative “Hot/Cold” storage model to manage costs. Move files from Hot to Cold storage with one click and pay for only files readily available on Hot storage. Hot storage costs just $0.25 per GB per day. No fees for Cold storage. That’s what happens when you marry advanced technologies with a relentless focus on the needs of the client. Transformative, indeed.

Industry-leading security, built in

Your work is critical, and we know it. Transform for Legal uses a suite of industry-standard tools, technologies, and processes to keep your data secure and discourage unauthorized attempts to access any content on the platform. Data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Rest assured that your livestreams, transcripts, videos, annotations, and reports are viewable and/or editable only by those whom you choose. And you can revoke permissions to any individual piece of content at any time. Best of all, you don’t need any IT resources on your end — we take care of everything. Our security systems are always on, and always working to protect all our customers and users.

Detailed Components and Pricing

Deposition Transformation

It all starts here. Using highly advanced multi-cloud AI technologies, Deposition Transformation prepares your video & audio depositions for certified transcript synchronization. It also prepares your standalone certified transcripts (i.e., text-only, without corresponding video or audio) for search, annotation, clip creation, report export, and more. Once complete, for video & audio, you receive access to an interactive, timed, speaker-separated automated transcript (85-90% accurate) of your deposition in Rough ASCII format alongside a video player. All within an intuitive and effortless web browser-based interface, with no specialized software to install whatsoever. Deposition Transformation costs $0.15/min for video & audio, and $0.10/page for standalone certified transcripts.

Certified Transcript Synchronization

Certified Transcript Synchronization does the heavy lifting of synchronizing multi-hour deposition videos with certified transcripts created by court reporters, in a matter of seconds, at an exceptional level of accuracy. This step occurs after Deposition Transformation; taken together, these two steps eliminate the need for painful workflows and incompatible desktop- and tablet-based software. It’s a synchronization revolution. Requires Deposition Transformation to have been previously completed. Certified Transcript Synchronization costs $0.25/min.

Export videos, clips, transcripts, and reports

Export pretty much anything you need from within a deposition video and/or certified transcript. Export full videos, clips, transcripts, and reports for little or no charge. Choose to export with captions burned-in or as separate SRT/VTT/SMI files for full control over your trial presentation experience.Exports are offered at no charge for transcripts, reports, and full videos without burned-in captions. Exports of full videos with burned-in captions, and of clips with or without captions, each cost $0.25/min.

Real-Time Deposition Collaboration beta

Build your case live, as the deposition happens. Using highly advanced multi-cloud AI technologies, Real-Time Deposition Collaboration plugs right in to your Zoom deposition and converts it into a livestream with transcript text instantly appearing onscreen. Now you can securely invite an unlimited number of remote litigation team members and enable them to privately view the deposition, along with the synchronized deposition text appearing line-by-line in Rough ASCII format. Team members can immediately start creating annotations (objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes) on the synchronized deposition text. All annotations are carried over seamlessly from the real-time transcript to the synchronized transcript. There’s nothing on the market quite like this. Contact us for pricing for Real-Time Deposition Collaboration — it includes both Deposition Transformation and Certified Transcript Synchronization.

Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) beta

Threadeo Intelligent Document Processing (IDP) helps legal services firms transform paper based contracts, exhibits, and correspondence into digital data sets ready for data enrichment, annotation, tagging, collaboration, information extraction, and more. All in the cloud and in a browser. IDP costs $0.10/page. Costs for scanning/digitizing paper and for additional refinement using human-in-the-loop services billed separately.

Media Editing beta

Media Editing is a multi-cloud solution helping companies stitch video files together and edit sections before the Deposition Transformation step. Media Editing enables transcoding of processed content into multiple formats, and exports of a variety of outputs including full video & audio files, clips, and more. Media Editing has an intuitive UI/UX, advanced features, high security, and zero setup & maintenance. Media Editing costs $0.25/min for each job.

Platform Fees (Active Content only)

There’s a lot going on under the hood with Transform. But as we’ve said before, we think it’s only fair that you pay for what you use, when you use it. With our innovative, customer-focused “active/inactive content” model, you are in full control of your spending. If you don’t think you’ll be needing content for a while, mark it as “inactive” with just a couple of clicks. Whenever you want it back, make it “active”. You will only be billed a platform fee for the total active content, for only $0.25/GB/day. This gives you all of the benefits described on this page, across all content, plus premium customer support. Incredible technology, meet unbelievable value.

Use Case Examples

Example 1: Deposition + Sync

A court reporting firm has a 2-hour video deposition, which they would like to sync with its certified transcript as soon as they receive the transcript from the court reporter. Upon completion of sync, the court reporting firm would like to simply, yet securely, share a “read-only” version of the synced video + transcript with their law firm client. The law firm client will receive an email enabling them to access the synchronized interactive video and transcript.

Total minutes: 120


  • Deposition Transformation: $18
  • Certified Transcript Synchronization: $30
  • Platform fees: $0
  • Unlimited users and collaboration: $0
  • Total fees: $48

Example 2: Deposition + Sync + Collaboration

A law firm has a 2-hour video deposition. They would like to obtain a rough transcript immediately after the deposition and have the litigation team start annotations online while they wait for the certified transcript from the court reporter. Once the certified transcript is ready, they want (a) the deposition video to be synchronized with the certified transcript and have (b) all the annotations made on the rough to be instantly transferred to the certified. The law firm expects the litigation team to collaborate online on this deposition for 1 month and then make the files inactive.

Total minutes: 120


  • Deposition Transformation: $18
  • Certified Transcript Synchronization: $30
  • Platform fees for one month: $15
  • Unlimited users and collaboration: $0
  • Total fees: $63

Example 3: Real-Time Deposition + Collaboration + Sync

Law firm has a 2-hour remote deposition conducted via Zoom and wants the litigation team (comprised of 6 team members) to collaborate live. They want all 6 team members to watch the deposition video and make annotations on the live interactive transcript as it is being generated in real time. They also want all the annotations to be timestamped with specific moments in both the transcript and the video. Once the certified transcript is completed by the court reporter, they want to synchronize the certified transcript with the video deposition to make it interactive and want all the annotations made by the team to appear in the exact locations within the interactive certified transcript. They also need to know who made each annotation for better collaboration and reporting. They also want to make sure this content is secure and only the specific people invited and approved to see it can access it for one month.

Total minutes: 120


  • Real-Time Deposition Collaboration: Contact us
  • Deposition Transformation: Included
  • Certified Transcript Synchronization: Included
  • Platform fees for one month: $27
  • Unlimited users and collaboration: $0
  • Total fees: Contact us

Pricing Summary

Deposition Transformation -- Video & Audio
Deposition Transformation -- Standalone Certified Transcript
Certified Transcript Synchronization
Export full videos with burned-in captions**
Export video clips with or without captions**
Real-time Deposition Collaboration (beta)
Contact us
Intelligent Document Processing (beta)
Media Editing (beta)
Platform Fees (Hot Storage only)

**Exports are offered at no charge for transcripts, reports, and full videos without burned-in captions. Exports of full videos with burned-in captions, and of clips with or without captions, each cost $0.25/min.

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