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Translate videos into 30+ languages while working remotely

As teams responsible for educating and training a global workforce move to remote work, they need a solution to effectively collaborate when translating videos into other languages. They need to be able do the following:

  • Generate a draft verbatim transcript of the video that’s ready for language translation

  • Share with collaborators to refine the draft transcript

  • Create draft translations in multiple languages in seconds

  • Share with collaborators to refine the draft translations

  • Easily create captioned clips to share

Teams need to go from a world where most of this work was done in an office via desktop applications, in close proximity to others, often involving innumerable emails, to a solution where all this can be done securely online with only a browser by a team collaborating remotely. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes or even seconds. Here’s how.


Step 1: Create a machine-generated transcript

After logging into Threadeo, upload the deposition video from Dropbox or your computer. Our proprietary engine will immediately start to process the video for various functions later in the workflow. An hour-long video can typically be processed in as quickly as 5 minutes. Once done, a machine-generated transcript (and corresponding timestamped captions) of the video are available for your review.

We recommend that you refine the transcript before distributing. There are two ways to do this: (1) Edit it yourself (saves you money and lead time); (2) Have a professional human transcriptionist do it for you (saves you editing time especially for long transcripts). Humans are the best! Turnaround time for professional transcriptionists can range from one hour to 36 hours depending on the length and type of video. The best part is that you can both order the professional transcript AND see the results right within the Threadeo interface! No need to email a bunch of people, wait for their response, then figure out how to incorporate their Word document output into your video, etc.

A common question we receive is “how can I decide whether to edit it myself vs.have a professional do it?” As a rule of thumb, it’s more cost- and time-effective to edit shorter transcripts (10 min or less) yourself, and let the professional handle longer transcripts (>10 min). If you’re comfortable editing longer transcripts yourself, go for it! But this is what we’ve seen to work for many users.

Now the fun begins.


Step 2: Share with collaborators who can refine the machine transcript

It’s easy to invite collaborators. Invite team members from marketing, communications, legal, or any other department from across the world to collaborate.


Step 3: Translate videos into multiple languages in seconds

Once the remote team has added their refinements, select the languages you want. Select up to 30 languages. Wait about 30 seconds. Your translations are done. Select any language from the dropdown to review the transcript in that language. Notice how the captions are auto-inserted into the video for each language.


Step 4: Download caption files for display in video players in multiple languages

It’s easy to display captions in multiple languages in YouTube and other video players. Simply download the VTT or SRT files from Threadeo and upload them along with your video to your chosen player.


Step 5: Create video clips in seconds

Creating clips for export is a breeze. The tedious days of having to download the video to desktop editing software, and look at timestamps for where to cut the video are long gone. Simply search for the part of the video of interest either by using the search feature to search inside videos or skim the transcript. Then simply highlight the transcript and select “create clip.” When you are ready you can choose to export your clips for sharing.

With Threadeo, you can move from a world where language translation was time-consuming and cumbersome, to a world where you can translate your videos fast while working remotely. Educate and train your global teams faster and better.