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Reach a global audience by translating videos into 50+ languages. Interactive transcripts, subtitles and voiceovers.

Reach a broader audience -- effectively & efficiently.

Get your interactive, synchronized transcript translated into any (or all) of 50 languages. Subtitles included. Click text to play, select text to create clips. Annotate & mark up translated content. Export translated video & audio content into a variety of formats. Watch the video below to see how.

Translated, synchronized, and interactive.

Threadeo gives you an interactive translation that’s synchronized with video/audio timestamps from the original language of the recording. Click translated text to play the recording, select text to create a clip.

Click text to play

Click anywhere in the translated text to play your video/audio content at that location — at the precise timestamps in the original language.

Select text to create clips

Select translated text to create a clip corresponding to the time when that text was spoken in the original language. So accurate, it feels like magic.

Flag, tag, highlight, note

Add annotations including flags, tags, highlights, and notes to mark up translated content as you need. Each annotation is also a clip. Everything works seamlessly across all your translations.

50 languages in 5 steps.

Step 1: Start With An Accurate Transcript (AI + humans working together)

Start the translation process by first ordering an English-language human transcript from Threadeo. Threadeo will develop an AI rough, and then engaging human transcriptionists to return a transcript with 99% accuracy. This guarantees the best possible quality and interactivity for translations that you will make in subsequent steps.

Step 2: Select language(s) into which content should be translated

Our cutting-edge AI translates English-language content into 50 languages. And our intuitive user experience makes it appear effortless.

Step 3: Review Translations & Subtitles

If the AI translation meets your needs, you’re ready to start editing, annotating and collaborating. You can always share the content with your in-house translation/localization experts to make edits.

Step 4: Order Human Translation (optional)

If you need higher accuracy translation (~99%) or localization, order a high-quality human perfected translation just by clicking a button. Turnaround time is 24-36 hours. Synchronization and caption files included.

Step 5: Add Voiceover

Learn more about our Voiceover Services.

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