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How legal teams can collaborate on depositions while working remotely

As litigation teams transition to remote work, they need a solution to effectively collaborate around video depositions. In particular, they need a solution allowing multiple stakeholders to do the following remotely:

  • Synchronize the court reporter’s certified transcript with video depositions

  • Share the video with all collaborators

  • Allow legal teams to mark-up official transcripts with objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes to share with others.

  • Select video clips from deposition videos for use in trial presentation software

  • Create pleadings and reports

Teams need to go from a world where most of this work was done in an office via desktop applications, in close proximity to others, often involving the sharing of paper, to a solution where all this can be done securely online with only a browser by a team collaborating remotely. What used to take hours can now be done in minutes or even seconds. Here’s how:

Synchronize the court reporter’s certified transcript with the deposition video

After logging into Threadeo, upload the deposition video from Dropbox or your computer. Our proprietary engine will immediately start to process the video for various functions later in the workflow. A half-day deposition video can typically be processed in about 10 minutes; shorter videos can be processed in as quickly as 5 minutes (or even less).

Next, upload the court reporter’s certified transcript for that deposition. Our proprietary algorithms will typically take 15-30 seconds to automatically synchronize the certified transcript with the video. Click on any part of the official transcript and the video will jump to that selection in the video. Or search by keyword to find text of interest.

Now the fun begins.

Share the video with collaborators

It’s easy to invite collaborators. Invite attorneys, paralegals, and other key stakeholders to the deposition video and its synced transcript.

Mark up certified transcripts with objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes – and share with others

Now that the remote team has access to the deposition video and synced certified transcript, any team member can start marking up the transcript. Simply select the text and label it as an objection, issue code, highlight or note.

Export video clips from deposition video for use in trial presentation software

Exporting video clips for trial presentation software is a breeze. Every page:line you create is also a video clip ready to be exported. Use the “export” function to select the video clips you want for use in your trial presentation software.

Create Pleadings & Reports


In many jurisdictions, a pleading is a set of page:lines of interest to one party that are submitted as part of court proceedings. With Threadeo, creating pleadings from any deposition transcript with page:lines is extremely easy. Click on the “export” button, then click “Transcript”, choose the page:lines you’d like to include, and confirm. You should get an email with a link to download your pleading-ready transcript within seconds.


Now that the transcripts have been labeled with objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes, team members can use these to create reports that span multiple deposition videos. For example, if you want to select all objections for a given case tagged across multiple videos, you can create a report just showing all objections across all videos in that case. Each objection shown in the report will have links back to the original transcript and video.

As you can see, legal teams working remotely can remain as effective as ever by using a platform with advanced technology, an intuitive user interface, and a familiar workflow.

Getting started is easy. Click here to connect with our team and we’ll have your team up and running within minutes.