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As a consultant or qualitative researcher, you know that stakeholder interviews are a critical component of every project. Your client or sponsor is counting on you to generate deeper insights into a specific problem. And so you start by going to the source: the actual people who are facing the issue, who influence it, who block it, and who can implement a solution.

A well-conducted interview is information-dense. Conceptually, this is fantastic because it enables your team to capture the richness of each stakeholder’s interaction with you, which in turn enables you to generate more nuanced and valuable insights. In the real world though, this density poses practical challenges: you actually have to go through the entire interview to identify key moments.

When you have hours and hours of interviews coupled with tight deadlines for deliverables, listening to these interviews without knowing what’s in them can seem like a waste of time. Alternatively, scrubbing through your content in the hopes that you’ll capture an insight isn’t great either. Either way, you’re rolling the dice. Which is the exact opposite of research.

Introducing Threadeo. A comprehensive — and intelligent — interview management solution.

With Threadeo, you can dial any phone number, record the call, transcribe it, play back any moment of the transcript, highlight text in the transcript to create clips, invite collaborators to discuss, and download clips for inserting into your reports or presentations. And because it’s all within your secure online account, everything is effortlessly searchable.

As a result, tasks that previously would have taken you anywhere up to 10 hours can now be done in minutes.

And that’s just the workflow. Threadeo is powered by AI and 100% cloud-based. Which means our algorithms are constantly getting smarter. And those smarts are regularly applied to your interviews. This in turn means that the platform continually becomes better at identifying key entities mentioned within your interviews: names, locations, organizations, and more. We’re also working on the ability to add your own custom dictionaries for terminologies specific to your industry vertical or field of expertise, so that Threadeo can listen for those terms as well.

A platform that does a lot of the heavy lifting — from dialing to recording to transcribing, that helps you identify key points within your interviews, and helps you share them with colleagues and clients. All at a reasonable cost.

All of which results in better insights for your clients, significant time savings for your colleagues, and therefore greater value for your firm. What’s not to like?

Learn more in this short video: