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Get interactive transcripts

with subtitles & voiceovers

for 50 languages.

Go from raw video to edited clips – with subtitles in 50 languages – in minutes.
Voiceovers and 99% accuracy transcripts & translations available.
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Transcriptions, translations, voiceovers.

Transcribe video & audio content in 50 languages.
Translate content across 50 languages.
Get voiceovers using lifelike voices in 50 languages.
Create & share clips with collaborators.
Export clips with burned-in captions.
Search across all your content.

Interactive transcripts, subtitles, captions.

Create interactive transcripts with subtitles and captions for your video & audio content in any of 50 languages. “Interactive” means you can click anywhere in the transcript to play that location in the content. And you can even select transcript text to create clips.

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Fast, accurate translation.

Get fast, accurate translations of your video & audio content across 50 languages. That’s 2,450 ways to translate! Like with transcripts, translations are also interactive — click text to play, select text to create a clip.

Hassle-free voiceovers.

Add voiceovers to your videos in 50 languages. No studio fees, no session fees.

Language services that work for you.

Find actionable moments – fast.

Interactive, searchable transcripts make it effortless to search for key moments in the video or audio file.

Reach a global audience.

Powerful translation & voiceover capabilities across 50 languages mean that you can reach more people in more ways.

Create clips by selecting text.

Nothing is as intuitive as selecting text to create clips. Figuring out timestamps is a thing of the past.

Edit content easily.

Edit your transcripts across languages. Subtitles and captions automatically get updated accordingly.

Export in multiple formats.

Export transcripts (DOCX, PDF, TXT) and captions (SRT, VTT, SMI). Even export video & clips with burned-in captions!

Collaborate with colleagues.

Collaborate with colleagues on the same content to get better results faster.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The turnaround time for ASR is 3-5 minutes with about 85% accuracy. You can proofread and make light edits. Typical turnaround time for the human-perfected transcript is 24 hours with typically 99% accuracy. Longer or more complex transcripts can affect these times & accuracy levels.

Automatic transcription (ASR; ~85% accuracy) starts at $0.20 per minute. Human transcription (~99% accuracy) is an additional $1.80 per minute. This includes transcription, synchronization, subtitles, and the cloud-based interactive platform for playback, annotation, and collaboration.

When you upload your content, Threadeo AI algorithms process your files with zero human intervention. If you choose to add our human  transcription service, human experts will transcribe your files. Your audio and video content remains confidential and protected by nondisclosure agreements and robust data security & privacy policies in all cases.

In our experience, the vast majority of our customers' transcripts are handled extremely well by our systems. That said, audio issues such as low volume, background noise, and crosstalk does affect the quality of final transcripts, but our algorithms are highly sophisticated and constantly improving, with the ability to extract speech out from most background noise. Our human expert transcription team is skilled in doing the same, with the additional benefit of context that only a human can provide.

Automatic transcription (ASR) is best if you need a transcript fast and can proofread and edit the output yourself. Human transcription is required when accuracy needs to be at 99%+.

All files are confidential and protected against unauthorized access. Learn more about our security here. Professional transcribers sign NDAs and strict confidentiality agreements.

We offer highly accurate and automatic language translation services. Language translation services require a human-perfected English language transcript at 99% accuracy before starting any language translation. You can select multiple languages and we’ll translate the transcript into all the selected languages within a few minutes. We’ll also synchronize each of the foreign language transcripts and captions with a copy of the video or audio file. The transcripts and captions files will also be available for download. If you need to listen to the audio in a foreign language, learn about our voiceover services here. We support 50 languages for translation.

While our transcription accuracy, turnaround, and pricing is on par with the absolute best in the industry, we recognize that the transcript is only the beginning of the process for extracting information buried inside of video and audio.  We are different in how we provide a suite of tools designed to make the transcription and language translation process a breeze in order to enable the important work of collaboration including adding highlights, notes, tags, and making it super easy to create clips. We provide transcription, translation, and subtitles on our platform so you can edit and collaborate.

Yes! Learn more here.

Yes! When you upload your file, you can select the language used in the file (only one language). We can provide an ASR transcript in any of 50 languages.  We synchronize the translated transcript with the video or audio file. Note that human transcripts are currently only available for English-language content.

We accept video recordings in MP4 and MOV. We accept audio recordings in MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.

Click here to get started and uploading content in just a minute or two.

Transcripts are synchronized with the video and audio and available for viewing, editing, and sharing in our cloud platform. Once you log in using your username and password, you’ll be able to interact with all your files. All transcripts and files are stored for free for up to one year. Customers can also download transcripts in PDF, DOCX (Word), and TXT.

Yes, we filter out filler words to make transcript review easier but we don’t edit grammatical errors.

Yes - we separate speakers based on audio reference and keep it consistent throughout the transcript.

Threadeo never stores credit card information on its own servers. All sensitive payment details are stored in our PCI DSS-compliant payments processor. Your transactions are secure and encrypted.

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