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Video Editors: How often do you get asked to create highlight reels for content on a tight deadline? And how many times have you felt, “There has to be a better way to do this”?

Now there is. Using Threadeo.

Threadeo enables you to effortlessly search, transcribe, clip, download, and collaborate around any video or audio file. It’s completely cloud-based, AI-powered, and incredibly easy to use.

The platform’s biggest benefit is this: as humans, we think in terms of concepts, not timestamps. If we want to find a potential highlight, we say, “find the spot where Jenny mentions ‘Salesforce’”, not “find the spot at 17:39”. We have used timestamps because that’s all that most “dumb” software understands.

Threadeo’s different, because it’s smart. By accurately transcribing content and making it searchable, it’s Threadeo’s job to understand content. Which means you’re liberated from having to worry about timestamps. And because the platform takes you right to the specific moment in the video where a particular word was mentioned, you can access any spot — and read the accompanying transcript — instantly.

Now that you’ve found the spot, you can easily skim through the transcript and literally highlight the text of interest to you. This could be when a speaker answers a question or starts a sentence. When you do, Threadeo creates a “clip”. You can do a lot with this clip, including inviting a collaborator to watch it or comment on it. And you can download it.

Yes, you read that right. For every clip you create just by highlighting the corresponding text in the transcript, Threadeo automatically creates the video version of the clip, an audio version, and corresponding transcript and caption files in six formats (SRT, VTT, SMI, DOCX, PDF, TXT). It really doesn’t get much easier than this.

So, to summarize:

– Search for a particular keyword in your Threadeo account

– Click on the search result that makes the most sense for a given highlight to go straight to that location in a video

– Skim the transcript to identify the best start and end points for the highlight, and click & drag to create a clip

– Invite a collaborator to discuss the clip

– Download the clip in video and audio formats along with the corresponding transcript and caption files

– No timestamps, no scrubbing, no frustration. Just a high-quality highlight reel, created 10x faster with a smart, AI-powered, cloud-based platform.

Threadeo: a better way to create highlight reels for video.

Learn more in this short video: