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Better & Faster Transcript Sync for Court Reporting Firms

The Situation Today

Court reporting firms are no fans of spending hours synchronizing deposition transcripts with their corresponding videos. To serve the evolving needs of law firms, many firms are modernizing workflows and systems saying goodbye to tedious manual work, and embracing the revolutionary platforms that automate the process in seconds, with unparalleled accuracy and speed. The solution is Threadeo CloudSync.

Enter Threadeo: A Game-Changer in Deposition Transcript Sync

  1. Upload: Add your deposition video, certified transcript, and exhibits “all at once” to CloudSync using a browser.
  2. Sync & Link: CloudSync magically synchronizes the video with the transcript and links the exhibits, all at blazing speed, in seconds, and with near-perfect accuracy.
  3. Review & Deliver: Easily review the job in your secure CloudSync account and request load files. Either deliver them to your clients exactly as you do today, or use Threadeo delivery for even faster and more secure delivery, which gives your law firm clients the benefits of seamless clip creation and export via Threadeo CloudReview.
  4. Repeat & Scale: CloudSync handles multiple jobs simultaneously, saving you countless hours compared to traditional methods.

Who is CloudSync for?

  • Court reporting firms seeking to revolutionize their workflow and impress clients.
  • Court reporters who want to free themselves from time-consuming QC and outdated software.
  • Videographers needing a fast and reliable way to deliver synchronized video and transcript packages.

Incredible Benefits

  • Best-in-class sync: Accuracy exceeding 99%, even with interpreter jobs.
  • No encoding: Skip the hassle and upload your videos directly.
  • Secure, fast delivery: Receive synced transcripts and linked exhibits in your account, ready for review and delivery.
  • Remote-friendly: Work from anywhere with our secure browser-based platform.
  • Load files for all software: Supports TrialDirector, OnCue, CaseNotebook, and many more.
  • Cloud-based player: Review videos with synchronized transcripts and exhibits directly in your CloudSync account.
  • Video stitching & encoding: Need one file instead of multiple? Easy.
  • Impress your clients: Share the cloud-based experience with them for added value.
  • Don’t do, review: CloudSync does the heavy lifting, you just review and deliver.

You have questions. We have answers.

  • Time savings! Court reporting firms say that they save anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours per job with CloudSync.
  • Yes, we support TrialDirector and OnCue! Get the XML fast. Load files for legacy systems can be generated within an hour.
  • We support MP4, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, WMV, MP3, AAC, FLAC, and WAV.
  • Yes, you can store and search transcripts with keywords.
  • Deliver via Threadeo Delivery (fastest), other repositories, or even USB or CD. 
  • Upload times are fast. Use a cloud storage provider for even faster transfers.
  • Jobs are typically completed within a few hours.
  • Send jobs in batches!
  • You can still deliver jobs the way you always have.
  • Clients can easily create video clips themselves.
  • No need for clients to create accounts.
  • Use a cloud storage provider to avoid upload time issues.
  • Your content is stored indefinitely. Download links expire after 90 days, but you can request them again anytime.
  • Yes, we host your videos.
  • Clients can view files with the free DepoView tool if they have it.
  • We support MP4, MOV, MPEG-1, MPEG-2, and WMV.
  • Linked exhibits are included in load files.
  • Contact us for LEF, PTX, and PTZ conversions.
  • Yes, CloudSync preserves your original file names and formats.

Ready to ditch the manual grind and embrace a less tedious, more efficient future? Threadeo CloudSync will help you get there. Contact us today.