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Rush Premium Transcript Sync for Law Firms

Law Firms: Extremely Fast, Accurate Sync for Trial Time

As a law firm, you know the importance of having quick and accurate access to deposition videos and transcripts, especially when it’s trial time. But syncing these files yourself can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. That’s where Threadeo UltraSync comes in.

UltraSync is a full-service rush synchronization service that takes the hassle out of video deposition and transcript synchronization. The service typically delivers output load files via a download link within 6 hours of submission, even on evenings & weekends. That number drops to <4 hours if your request comes in before 12 PM PST on a business day.  This means you can get the files you need when you need them, without having to waste valuable time on syncing them yourself or trying to find someone to synchronize them for you at the last minute.

Benefits of UltraSync

  1. Speed: Typical turnaround times are 4-6 hours on evenings & weekends and <4 hours if received before 12 PM Pacific Time on a business day. [And real-world data from customers indicates that we’re often a lot faster than even that…]
  2. Full Service: Upload your video, transcript, and exhibit files and our expert team reviews them manually as soon as possible, and we will reach out immediately if there are any issues with the uploaded files. 
  3. Best Sync on the Market: UltraSync syncs for you with best-in-class accuracy (typically 99%+). Interpreter job? No problem at all. UltraSync uses Threadeo’s proprietary class-leading sync technology to provide you unparalleled service, speed, and sync quality.
  4. Secure, fast delivery: UltraSync delivers load files via a private download link to your email. No mess, no fuss.
  5. Standard Load Files: The service provides the load files needed to support the leading trial prep software such as TrialDirector, OnCue, CaseNotebook, LexisNexis TextMap, LiveNote, Sanction, Summation, Timaro, TrialPro, and more.* We also provide the DVT and make it easy to move load files to USB and CD.
  6. Built-In CloudReview: When you choose UltraSync, you get Threadeo’s incredibly intuitive CloudReview platform for deposition preparation (page:line creation and clip export). Now you can review your synced video, create clips, stitch them together, and export them. All in one place, all from your browser.

Who is UltraSync for?

UltraSync is the perfect solution for law firms that:

  • Are preparing for trial imminently and need fast, accurate video/deposition transcript sync that they can trust
  • Don’t have the time to sync themselves, and don’t want to take a chance on resources who may or may not deliver in time
  • Want to use class-leading sync technology so they can focus on the case
  • Want to have access to exceptional customer support (with Threadeo leadership team access) to quickly address any issues
  • Need load files that are compatible with their case management and trial presentation software
  • Need a quick and incredibly intuitive platform for clip creation and page:line designations (CloudReview)

For your next trial, try UltraSync

Join law firms from around the country who rely on class-leading Threadeo UltraSync for fast, accurate, and trusted deposition transcript sync. Order a rush sync now.