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Create a machine-generated interactive transcript for language translation

So now that I’ve uploaded the video to Threadeo, I’ll see that the first output that I get is a machine-generated transcript. I can click on any part of this transcript and it’s going to jump directly to that part of the video. You’ll see here.

Now what I need to do first is before I translate it into any other language, I need to make sure that this transcript is perfected to the level that I need so that the translation process is done accurately. Now, I have two options here. The first option is that I can do it where I can just click on edit, I can see any different areas, and I can change any words, or make any any quick corrections. And this I would recommend if you have a short video. Let’s say if it’s under 10 minutes, you can quickly go through here make any corrections, and get it to the level where it’s perfected.

Now, if you have a longer video, this can feel a bit time-consuming. And the other way to do that is to go ahead and click on here and then you can get a perfected verbatim transcript that’s created by a human, versus the first one which is created by artificial intelligence and I would say that we need to just recognize that humans are just the best and they’ll do a better job.

Now the difference is that this one — the machine-generated transcript — can be done literally in minutes and you have it you can make your edits. The human one is going to take you about anywhere between 12 to 36 hours depending on how long it takes. But the good thing about the human transcript is that it’s going to come in when it’s returned. After you go through this process here, it’s going to come automatically in here and it’s going to be synchronized with your video. So now you’ll have the perfected transcript.