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Export clips to trial presentation software

So now that we’ve collaborated together as a team, all of us collaborating together on the transcript, directly adding value and insights and labels to the actual transcript. What we want to do now is take each of these highlights that we’ve created here, and it turns out that maybe we want to export these as clips because we may need to use these different highlights or use clips from this into a trial presentation software.

So what I would do is I’d go to this little button here, where it says “export recordings, clips and more” and then I could either it’s going to ask me either do the transcripts, which we can do later, or we can do clips for trial presentation. Now all of the items that we’ve selected here that we’ve highlighted: notes, highlights, issue codes, objections by page and line number, we’re going to see them as potentially exportable clips. So you’ll see that 161:16 to 161:21 over here. You’ll see the next one as well: 162:09 to 162:15. All of these page:lines that we jointly made are now available for us to export as clips.

So this one looks interesting maybe this one. Let’s go ahead and do these three. We want to go ahead and export these for the purpose of using them in trial presentation software. I’m going to go ahead and click “continue”. It’s going to ask me do I want the burned-in captions. I can say no I can say yes. What I mean by this is burned in captions, they’re embedded into the recordings so that you can go ahead and automatically see the caption files no matter on what platform you end up displaying the video. I’ll hit continue and I’ll say yes export those three clips and right now it automatically did the cutting for you on the cloud, automatically taking your highlights in your work and creating those clips. And you’ll receive an email letting you know that the export has been completed.

And so I’ve received the email letting me know that all the clips are ready. Remember these are clips that the entire team collaborated on this transcript to create. Now I can click on this link. And it’s going to tell me my download is ready. I’m going to click on that link to download the file and I’m going to get a ZIP file. If I open up this ZIP file, I will see all the three clips that I had selected to be exported have now been exported for me to use in trial presentation software. And the beauty of this is that the entire team could have collaborated to create those clips, and then you can select which of those clips you want to export for your trial presentation software.