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Create an interactive transcript for your video or audio file

In this video, I’m going to show you how you can easily create an interactive transcript in Threadeo for your video & audio files within minutes. It’s really easy.

So I can either upload from Google Drive, Dropbox, or from my computer. Here I’m going to select the file in Dropbox. And I’m going to pick a file. Let’s pick this one: “Choose”. And then I just need to select the source language and I can select in over 34 languages. In this case the language in which the video was recorded in is English. So I’m going to select English and then I’m going to start the process. The process is very quick, especially if you’re uploading directly from either Dropbox or Google Drive. It won’t take very long to go ahead and do that. You’ll see it’s a couple seconds to go ahead and do that processing.

And now it’s complete. And now we can go ahead and click on this to go ahead and see the interactive transcript. Now.,I would have also received an email letting me know that the interactive transcript is ready. And now I can go ahead and make any edits to the machine transcription that the machine transcribed the video and now it also synchronized it with the video itself.

So if I click on any spot here, it’ll Play. If I click on this, then it’ll play that spot here in the video as well. So this is synchronized to that, and I can click on this to edit any of this. And I want to do that before I translate.

If I want to go ahead and have somebody else go ahead and perfect this, I can go ahead and click on this button and then I can order a human-perfected transcript, meaning that a human being will go ahead and make sure that this is perfectly tied to what is being said. You can either do it here yourself or you can — for a long video, you may want to go ahead and have somebody else do it.

And then when you’re ready if you want to share with somebody you can invite collaborators to this, or what you can do is export things. You can export clips, which you can highlight, you can explore the full video, you can export the transcript, you can actually download the caption files: SRT VTT files. And then you’re ready to go ahead and post this in social media if you want if you burn in captions. Or if you want to upload it to YouTube with SRT and VTT files in different languages, you can do that as well. And that’s how simple it is to go ahead and create an interactive transcript in Threadeo.