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Invite language translators/collaborators to your content to refine it

Now, for example, let’s say you don’t speak this language fluently. Like I don’t speak German fluently, or I may not speak Russian fluently. But what I could do is actually invite somebody that does, and have them edit it so I can go ahead and say — let’s say the French version — and I have a team member and I could type in their name in here. And I could say this is a — or here is the French translation. Here is the French translation. Great if you could polish it. Let’s say polish it. And I sent it to him.

And now my coworker can go ahead and they’ll receive an invitation to that with the note, and then they’ll be able to log in and make those edits. Now I could do this with any language, to anybody. So I could go ahead and let’s say I have a contractor in Spain. I can go ahead and send their their invite to them. I have let’s say I have a person in Germany. I could go ahead and send the German one to them.

And then all of us can collaborate and perfect these transcripts so that they’re ready, so that the captions are in here. And then, once they’re ready, I can either download the full transcript, I can create captions, I can go ahead and highlight part of the Spanish video, create a clip. And I have a clip here that I want to go ahead and export.

A variety of different things that I can go ahead and do, now that I have translated my video into multiple languages simultaneously. As you saw, the translation actually took seconds. And the ability to invite other collaborators here to make the edits here directly in the cloud will save a tremendous amount of time and a tremendous amount of money.