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Export transcripts annotated by remote legal teams

I received an email letting me know that the downloadable transcript is ready. I can click on this link. And now I’ll see that I can download the file.

I can click on the PDF, and there it is. So here is the downloadable transcript with all the different annotations that the experts made, whether it’s the issue codes, the highlights, or the notes. Here’s the information that we entered about this video, about the deponent, and about the case. Here’s the color code for the issue codes; here is the selection, the page line grid letting us know where the these items are located. You’ll see that most of them are located on page 161 through 164. And so if we go if we look for that, so we are here at page 151. So let’s scroll down to page 161. And then we’ll start to see all the different annotations that we have. Page 161. There we go. And you’ll start to see here are the different selections that we made whether it’s notes, whether it’s highlights, or whether it’s issue codes or objections.

And now you have the transcript that’s been highlighted in a PDF for pleadings generated collectively by a team working remotely.