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Export a PDF of the certified transcript with annotations

OK so what we’re going to go ahead and do is do an export of this transcript with all of these highlights so that we can go ahead and share that full transcript with the highlights that was generated by the entire team, either via PDF or to share for pleadings.

But first what we’re going to go ahead and do is actually add this case, add this deposition transcript and deposition video to a case. So let’s go through, and look at — here’s our deposition video. I want to add it to a case. I’m going to click on “Case” and I’m going to create a new case here: “New Case”. Let’s call this “Demo Case”. Add that. And now I have added this to the case. So if I have a bunch of videos coming in here that I have synced, now I can create different cases for me to organize and manage those videos.

Now I can also — since I’ve added to the case — I may want to add some more details to it. So let’s go to “Settings”. And I’m going to add some more details the deponent was. Marjorie T. And then let’s say this was on July 21st. This is an older case: 2015. Say it volume 1 of 1. And now it’s saved.

And now I’ve added the deposition video synchronized with the transcript to a case and I want to go ahead and export this for pleadings. So I’m going to export the transcript. And I’m going to export the transcript with all of the highlights that were generated: highlights, notes, issue codes and objections generated by the remote team collaborating together. I’m going to hit “Continue”. Yes. This is what I want to do. I want to export the certified transcript including all the page lines/annotations and including objections, issue codes, highlights, and notes.

And once it’s ready, I’ll receive an email letting me know that it’s ready. So I’m going to click “export” and it’s preparing it now. And it’ll usually be just a couple minutes before you get the final certified transcript with all the highlights generated by the entire team.